Error code 1 thrown on log in

I have a rather odd occurrence. It is likely due to messing with the services.

I shut off the xbox services on my windows 10 computer. Disabled them completely. But apparently, Diablo 3 uses those… not exactly sure why but there it is. I reactivated them, but now I get “error code 1” once I log in. The log in is successful, but it goes into my character page, throws up error code 1, and then displays my characters. But create game is disabled stating “only available to party leader” despite not being in a party, I can’t talk in chat and my friends list has disappeared.


i have the same problem now

Interesting. I see a message on battlenet saying they are having issues related to their authentication servers.

It’s probably related to that, and not my attempt to obliterate microsoft bloat from windows 10. I will leave this up just in case it’s not fixed. Especially since I am having issues with steam now as well.

Update: It was the authentication issue. My messing with services immediately beforehand was just coincidental.

… I hope.

I’m having the same issue – thats why I’m here.
When I click “Accept” it takes me back to the login screen, I try to login with user/password and get prompted to the same error over and over

Nice that here we are, still having error code 1 issues years after first reported.

code 1 or code 30006

I took a break from Division 2 because of crap like this…what to play now?