Error code 3006, and then error code 1016

To be short and to the point, game logs in successfully one in 20 attempts, the other 19 I am getting the code 3006 error. I of course contacted Blizzard, they made me run a bunch of tests and send them back txt files with the results and of course they couldn’t “identify” the problem. PC is new, connection is new and I have 0 issues on all other games I am playing.

After a few weeks I am also starting to get the code 1016 disconnection error after the FEW times I manage to log in and start a game. Game is for all intents and purposes unplayable at this moment.

Of course Blizzard will blame your connection and/or setup and not their poorly constructed servers. All this happens in Greece.

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Hello there TheDeanAlex,

I am sorry to hear that you’re having connection troubles with Diablo III. I know that troubles like this can be very frustrating but please understand that we want you to be able to play just as much as you do, and it is never our intention to pass the blame.

Whenever a connection issue is reported, we have to rule out client side causes which is why we ask you to run through a number of suggestions, and return with system files to help us continue to troubleshoot the issue.

I’m sorry for the troubles that this is causing you, but as I say, we want you to be playing just as much as you do, so based on the error codes you have mentioned, please can I ask that you have worked through the following Diablo III Disconnection Problems guide, including the Advanced Troubleshooting section, and if you still encounter issues, please can you run a new WinMTR test, and send it through to us here and we will be able to check if there is anything to be concerned about in the connection between us.

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I wouldn’t be typing here if I hadn’t already contact technical support and did all those things like the WinMTR test along with any other readings they asked me to do and send them txts. I will not go through the process of opening a dispute and then having to wait for a reply for a day just to send the readings from my computer like I did last time, only to have them reply “we don’t know”. You do know, it’s not people’s hardware, it’s your servers.

It is literally impossible to be able to play games flawlessly on Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin and the newly installed GTA on its launcher and have issues ONLY with Battlenet’s Diablo 3, all with the same perfect connection and state-of-the-art PC.

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It’s literally possible due to the fact that the data centres for all of those games are not in the same place and your network traffic therefore goes through a different route / intermediary hops to get there.

The WinMTR / PathPing tests that Tech Support ask for are to determine the route(s) your traffic is taking and whether any of the intermediary hops are dropping packets or otherwise at fault.

And I responded to that particular part, I DID the WinMTR test the LAST TIME I contscted blizz support on this issue (which of course wasn’t fixed) as there were NO PACKETS dropped ans they COULDN’T figure out what was the problem and just left it there.

Hi TheDeanAlex

Sorry to hear that you’ve not been able to get to the bottom of this so far. I took a look into the tickets you’d sent in, and I can see that a suggestion was made to see if running through another connection (mobile hotspot, for example) would help matters. This is all part of the process of narrowing down exactly where the problem lies, and it all relies on you doing your part in helping to work out what’s going on

So I’m going to repeat the suggestion to try another connection, and repeat the tests, so that we can form a better picture of what’s going on. Also, because of how long it’s been since the WinMTR files were submitted, they’ve been automatically deleted, meaning you’ll need to re-submit them for us to be able to check into them


I am having the same problem here. How do i raise a support ticket?

I am getting numerous 3006 error and needs resolution.


Hi Commodus,

Are you in or near Singapore ?
If so, many other players in or near Singapore are having connection issues… Blizzard are collecting connection data. As a workaround, some people have been able to use the Australia server instead of the one in the USA.

See details here:

As far as submitting a ticket, you can fill-in a request here:
(I’m providing a link to the Americas region support since your heroes are on Americas).