EU Softcore Non-seasonal error 317002

The situation in topic header is present right now.


still continue. when will they fix it

Same situation for me!

Having the same issue, also on Europe. Tried the steps in this post, since the error code in the chat was the same, but no luck. Looks to be server-side issue.

Edit: It seems the issue only exists for non-seasonal softcore characters. I was able to login to any other combination of tickboxes (hardcore/seasonal/solo self-found).

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Same situation here.

this may put some light on it. Possibly an unscheduled maintenance event

Can’t start a game: Code 317002 - Technical Support - Diablo 3 Forums (

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Same here.


It gives us time to pause, reflect , and engage in thumb twiddling

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Open a game

Softcore non-seasonal :x:
Hardcore non-seasonal :white_check_mark:
Softcore seasonal :white_check_mark:
Hardcore seasona :white_check_mark:
Softcore SSF seasonal :white_check_mark:
Hardcore SSF seasonal :white_check_mark:


Challenge Rift

Softcore non-seasonal :x:
Hardcore non-seasonal :x:
Softcore seasonal :x:
Hardcore seasonal :x:
Softcore SSF seasonal :x:
Hardcore SSF seasonal :x:

If you don’t mind me asking, how do you get those results? Is there a specific site, is it in-game or in-app? Tried to do a quick google, but most results point me to the downdetector site.

I would have DM’d you to ask, so I don’t spam the thread, but I’m not sure how (maybe I cannot because your profile is private, no idea).

Thanks in advance!

I just created some characters to test them in different conditions (Non seasonal, seasonal, Software, hardcore, “regular seasonal”, SSF) and tried to create around twenty games with each possibility.

I only tested in the EU servers, knowing that I only play on these servers.

My profile is hidden because I made this choice, but I am neither a dev nor a CM, and if necessary, on one question or another I can show my profile without problem. But that’s another discussion :slight_smile:


Oh, sorry. Based on the table formatting, I thought it was some app or website. Thanks for the quick reply! :sweat_smile:

I have the same issue when trying to play the challenge rift.
I have 2 seasonal characters, both can be played without issues. I have the latest game version (, there are no updates for D3 of the app, I’ve done a scan and repair with no errors. Must be server-side…

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I didn’t test Challenge rift… Let’s go!

Hello all:

The issue has also been reported on the German and Russian forums – no reply from Blizzard yet.


Same here: EU nonseason

I updated my previous post with tests for the challenge rift


Oh, the joys of an always online single player game…
Seriously, why arent there redundant servers, after all these years…


Does anyone know when it should be up and running again?

Hi all, thanks for reporting this error issue.

We’re currently investigating into this further from recent reports.



I was able to launch a non-season normal mode game… so perhaps it is fixed.

Others ?


Worked once… now getting 395000 which is probably related to the authentication server problem…