Free death nova bug

I’m using the Inarius set with Scythe of the cycle and Iron rose. So I understand the scythe give me a extra 400% damage on my secondary skill but remove 4 seconds for each use on my bone armor. I use Death nova as secondary skill, but with the help of the Iron rose I get free death nova from my primary skill Syphon blood. The bug is it happen randomly my free death nova from my syphon blood steal time to my bone armor the same way as the secondary skill. I saw my bone armor time left drop to half in a instant. Please fix that bug.

I’m coding a bit for fun and the way I see the problem is the skill on the scythe must randomly detect the free nova as if I cast it as my secondary skill.

This is not a bug.

The legendary affix on the Iron Rose phylactery is…
Attacking with Siphon Blood has a 100% chance to cast a free Blood Nova.

Blood Nova is a rune of Death Nova, which is a Secondary skill so when the phylactery procs it’s causing a secondary attack and, as per the legendary affix on Scythe of the Cycle, each time that happens it removes 4 seconds from the duration of your Bone Armour.

As an alternative to the Scythe, could I suggest Bloodtide Blade, which grants Death Nova an extra 400% damage for every enemy within 25 yards. This gives your novas massively more damage in density without the detriment of shortening the Bone Armour duration.

As an example…