Game randomly crashes to desktop

Since today i’ve been unable to play Diablo 3 properly.
The game crashes at random moments sometimes with an error report screen but mostly not.

This occured in greater rifts and regular ones and even in town (doing nothing)
I’ve had my computers resource monitor open and can’t seem to find anything wrong there.
I checked windows system logs and couldn’t find anything there either.
My drivers are up to date (i’ve played the game before with the same driver) and when i perform a scan and repair on Diablo 3 with the battlenet launcher it says no repairs are needed.

SFC and Checkdisk do not find any issues on my hard drive and the memory seems to be fine as well.

Other games and applications run just fine without any issues.

I’m at a loss here as to what could be causing this.

Knowing the actual error message (or crash-code, if any is shown) would go a long way towards figuring out what may be the cause of the problem here. Having the DXDIAG/MSINFO logs of the computer would likely be even better - these logs could be uploaded to a service like pastebin, and linked here (using the </> option). :slight_smile:

Here is the latest one:
this screen does not show most of the time and when it shows it just says unexpected error
DxDiag is linked here

MSInfo (reduced)

Following the recorded data the crash seems to originate from another program running in the background of the operating system, not Diablo III itself. The steps listed in this article may prove helpful here!

Do you happen to now which aplication(s)?
That would be greatly appreciated.
The MSInfo file error logs show those from a week prior to the actual issues and none after.

it seems i managed to resovle the issue.
I checked your own log files and noticed a lot of errors:
FMOD_Channel_SetPosition’: Operation could not be performed because specified sound/DSP connection is not ready.

So regarding that i started updating my sound drivers
This made it worse as the game wouldn’t even start!
I downgraded to a version before the one I had and that seemed to fix it.

I’m using realtek high defenition audio chipset.
I had to use driver:
Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.8339

Sorry but this is not a my computer issue this is an issue in the game itself.
I’ve found older topics regarding this error;

I sincerely hope Blizzard intends to fix this because telling people it is their system while it is the game itself that cannot handle the audio driver.