GR 150 cleared but not recorded 04/08/2020

Which address is the correct one ?

  • ?
  • ?

Whichever it is… it’s broken:

I don’t recall having that either… but I will be paying more attention.

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IP worked… 3 times 6 times (lvl 88 to 93 incl.) in a row.

Need more keys… will be back.
Need a break… will be back later

That IP was very good to me… good solid connection and saved 6 completed GRifts in a row.


Should be the .112 one :slight_smile: .10 seems to be another server for some other feature of the .exe

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Noted… thanks  

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IP works… are you building some kind of lists/statistics ?

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A friend is compiling a little list, we got this so far: OK Not saving Not saving OK Not saving OK Not saving OK Not saving Not saving Not saving OK Not saving Not saving Not saving Not saving Not saving Not saving Not saving Not saving Not saving Not saving OK Not saving OK OK (?) OK OK Not saving OK OK OK OK OK Not saving OK Not saving Not saving OK OK OK OK OK OK Not saving Not saving Not saving OK OK Not saving OK Not saving OK Not saving Not saving Not saving Not saving OK OK

Of course this is totally meh compared to the bug just getting fixed, which is long overdue imho. It’s really important to understand that there are several of the EU servers not working right, and this is probably just one of the things not working right. I would prefer to not find out which other problems could occur on this semi-defective servers. They need another maintenance, and that as soon as possible.


Just did a 107 in around 13.30 on solo Necro on Europe but it doesn’t show up.


Quite, and for how long?

That’s excellent investigation / feedback.
It’s just a shame that it’s end-users that are doing this instead of Blizzard.


Did some 2-man runs this morning…

Me on WW/Rend Barb, Other on Frenzy Barb, GR119, Not recorded

Me on Frenzy Barb, Other on Necro, GR122, Recorded

Me on Frenzy Barb, Other on Necro, GR123, Recorded

Me on Frenzy Barb, Other on Necro, GR124, Recorded

Me on Frenzy Barb, Other on Necro, GR125, Recorded

Neither of us were in a clan, so no clan chat stuff to cloud the issue. The only difference between the first run, which didn’t record, and the subsequent ones that did, was the heroes we were on. I guess it’s possible that when we went back to hero select, that might have changed which server we were hosted on when we went back in.


I don’t know if this is adding value, and the details are “low quality level anecdotal” …based on on my unreliable memory.

When I first noticed that the personal bests were not being updated, ca. three weeks ago, I remember (?) non-recording vs recording of PB GR - within a game - when switching the loadout of my Hardcore Witch doctor ( Ost#2137 - character “Evee” ) between a LoD build and a Helltooth pet build. If I recall correctly - and again, apologies for vagueness, but my memory is botched - I could record new PB using LoD, but not record PB updates with the Helltooth loadout, and reproduce the non-recording switching back and forth between the builds.

I switched the saved builds using Armory. I play mostly solo, and the loadout-switching was definitely soloing. I switched to a third build, pushed and can no longer attempt to reproduce. With my current build I have had both non-recording and recording, between two different sessions on the same day, same loadout.

i can confirm
saved a record for me

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confirmed, saved record.
I logged in/out until i get one server described above

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Thanks for the detailed list. Great and useful information until a fix comes along. I can confirmed that testing the following IP range listed in forum the results of my PB records is registered or not registered as stated. good (confirmed) bad (confirmed) good (confirmed)

These were not on the list but in the yellow upgrade test ,my loot appears in clan chat on these IP: good good bad good

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Yes every time you logout and you start new game, it will change server. So since both of you logged out to switch char and back in game you got another server


Confirmed… even if you don’t change hero, it will change server if you quit the game and start another one.


Not on the list… - OK

That one was weird… The first time I beat my record, I got the notification and bloodshard increase, but not the personal record. The second time, I got it all… notification, bloodshard increase AND personal record. Don’t know… weird !

Playing season solo.

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Are you guys going to fix the Leader boards or not??? Easy answer yes or no?? No use at this stage to even push solo, i stil would have had rank 1 with my sader clear and going for the 140 solo now but doesn’t help i do that before bug is fixed. And its tiresome to keep on waiting, so please just give a response so we know if seasons over or not.

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