Hardcore death because of lag spike, please help

Hello Dear Blizzard employees,

My barbarian hardcore character called Emmy just died today 27 december 2019 around 17:50 ECT because of a huge lag spike. At some point during a public bounties game, I had a huge lag spike and I even met an invisible wall (cut map) like we often encounter during lags. I then realized my char was in such danger but could not teleport town, could not do anything about it. When the game recovered, I discovered that my poor barbarian girl was dead… I am so sad about it :’(
Would there be any way that you recover my account since that was not a natural death during an epic fight but a pathetic lag death ? I hope you can check that and see that I had a huge lag spike just at the moment of her death. Please that is all I am asking for Christmas ^^

Best regards,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !


Edit : Would you need any screenshot of the moment it occured ?

I know off the lag spikes luckely i dont have hardcore characters , my normal season character died today because of it too .
im so sorry for your character and i hope they can/will do something for you.

Nope, because you clicked Accept on this…

Permanent Death

You have but one life, eager hero. If you should die, though your deeds will be remembered, you shall not return again.

Customer Service will not revive a fallen Hardcore hero for any reason. All of your hero’s items will be lost forever upon death.

Hey there. Sorry for being a bearer of bad news, but if your hardcore hero died for whatever reason, it’s impossible to resurrect her.

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Haha …thats why I never played and I will never play hardcore. Nobody will guarantee you good connection and for me Hardcore system in Diablo is misleading type of game which should exists.