Hello, i need help with Battle.net update agent

I`m blocked half the way and it stays like this for ever, any suggestions ???


It could be your antivirus; make sure you’re running the latest version… or temporarily uninstall it.


There is some suggested troubleshooting for Battle.Net Update Agent issues at :

If that does not help, I would try the more general troubleshooting for updates here :

Good luck !

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Hi sesamce - I have a similar problem in as much as been unable to upgrade to latest version… doesn’t get halfway with me though just a few seconds. Have tried everything including uninstalling the game… and my virus software completely, but am now even unable to reinstall anything at all… with or without a firewall. Battle.net-Setup will not run - just get BLZBNTBTS00000029 which I guess indicates they have messed up the upgrade? - though not sure what “bear with us” means? … come back tomorrow?.. next week?

Im out of ideas with what to do really, as its blooming hot where I am and I could do with a little Blizzard! :slightly_smiling_face: Hope you have sorted it!

Hi sesamce
p.s. Also just tried. creating a new admin account as a last resort (which is a pain on a Mac) but that made no difference either!


There is some troubleshooting for that error here :

You seem to have done most of it… except closing background applications … (you’ll need to click on the Mac tab, otherwise you get the instructions for Windows).

If you haven’t done it yet, you should probably contact Blizzard Support directly and create a ticket : Contact Support - Blizzard Support

You’ll need to upload your System Profiler file… the text in blue are links to additional information. In the Description, put in the error code and all the troubleshooting you have attempted so far.


Edit : Just remembered something I read… you don’t say which Mac OS you’re using and, hopefully, this doesn’t apply to you but, just in case :

The US forums have a Technical Support forum specifically for Mac… that may be another place where you can get help. TheTias used to be the MVP Mac Technical Support… he no longer writes in green (or jade as Blizzard calls it), but he is very knowledgeable and reliable.

I tried everything guys, i will reinstall windows tomorrow and i`ll let you know if it works. Thanks.

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Hi again:


Hopefully, that will work for you.

The Battle.Net Desktop App is available from a few places…

If one doesn’t work, you can try the other.

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@ Boubou

Thank’s for that Boubou :slightly_smiling_face: Yeh, have tried all the troubleshooting tips - Then did them again standing on my head! Im on OS 10.15.7 - everything running normally last week and nothing has changed at my end! (trying drastically to avoid Big Sur)

Actually the first problem Ive ever had with Blizzard.

Thanks very much for the support links - will give them a shot :slightly_smiling_face:

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For Macs when reinstalling the app, it’s important to remember that you might need to remove the plist data too, you can find more information on what they’re called here: Uninstalling the Battle.net Desktop App - Blizzard Support

Clearing them may clear up your Agent issue too once reinstalled.