High end pc, low fps

I have a friend we play together, suddenly today after starting, he has 5 fps.
It normally runs 100+ fps …
Its just DIABLO 3 game …
D2R … DI … other games, they run completely fine …

Anyone else having similar problem and managed to solve it?

when D3 is running its not using GPU at all … others games normally 99% … D3 0% …
laptop, 2 GPUs, geforce 3050, setting is set to be using this GPU. Second integrated is present but disabled

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Hello sh3riff,

If it’s affecting a specific game, it can be caused by some custom profile. This can be verified by :

  1. closing the Battle.net app
  2. going in the Diablo 3 install folder > x64
  3. rename the Diablo III64.exe (to Diablo III64test.exe for example)
  4. right click on the renamed .exe to create a shortcut
  5. right click on the shortcut > properties
  6. in the “Target” field at the very end, press space then add -launch
  7. use the shortcut to test the game

If it solves the problem, the steps in this article should be helpful :

If it persists, we’ll need a MSinfo and DXdiag. You can submit a ticket with the files attached.

Fix the shitty servers aswell! And hire better people!


Diablo 3 is now unplayable s**t. ms jumps to 1000 and fps is 10. also ruberbanding is constant. full anchient paragon 900 barb cant clear 90+ rifts whitout dying. when no lag ewerithing is oneshot.

kinda old but update … did not worked :slight_smile:

I just helped him reinstall windows … he did something, reinstall of window worked.