How to improve damage on Barbarian

Hi all

Sorry for the question but I dug out the game again during quarantine after a long time!

It seems that I have reached a point where I can’t find better gear, increase damage. Currently farming Torment VIII.

Do you have any guides online to suggest, or build/gear changes?

Thanks for your help!

Indeed, and welcome back…

  1. You aren’t doing lots of damage because you don’t have the benefit of an armour set’s six-piece bonus, with associated legendaries. Getting a six-piece armour set has to be your first priority. It doesn’t matter which set, any of the five sets will do, because that makes is way easier to farm the other sets.
  2. Examples of good builds for solo Barbarians are Wastes/WW/Rend and H90/Frenzy
  3. Guides on how to farm things effectively, especially for a “fresh” level 70 that doesn’t have set gear yet, can be found in Information for New or Returning Players
  4. If you’d like, I’d be willing to run through some non-seasonal rifts / greater rifts with you on my Barb. I’d drop Barb gear for you and you’d get lots of paragon levels / bloodshards to gamble at kadala / loot drops from guardians. My Battlenet ID is Meteorblade#2266 if you want to send me a Friends request for this.
  5. One immediate change I’d suggest is to swap the Amethyst in your weapon to an Emerald, as this will give you 130% CHD.