Information For New Or Returning Players

Okay, so you’re either a brand new player, or you’re returning to the game after a long hiatus and want some resources that explain what the game’s like these days.

Beginner’s Guide to Seasons in Diablo 3

Farming Bounties Efficiently

Farming Nephalem Rifts Efficiently

Farming Greater Rifts Efficiently

Kanai’s Cube

If you’d like to see all of the stages of the Season Journey and the rewards for each chapter…
D3 Season Journey Tracker

If you’d like to see how many materials, legendaries, death’s breaths, greater rift keystones and so on at each game difficulty level…
D3 Difficulty Overview

If you want to see what happens at the end of a season, i.e. your heroes, your gear, your XP / paragon, your stash contents, and so on this blog explains it all. (The end of Season 14 was the last time such a blog was published, but the process remains the same)
Season 14 Ending Soon

If you want to see how many Paragon points you’ll have at the end of a season, where your seasonal and non-seasonal XP gets combined…
Paragon Calculator

If there are problems with the service, it will generally be announced and updated on Twitter rather than the forums…
Blizzard’s EU Twitter
Blizzard’s US Twitter


And: www dot diablo3gemcalculator dot com