I finally beat the game

… sort of at least :grinning:

Finally did a solo150 that the experts promised any of the top builds could do with some ease in season 25.
Did it with Inna monk fire build (the tanky one without Aughilds) with 3422 paragon points.
Playing solo all season apart from split bounties in beginning to mid season (started season with demon hunter).
I know the 150 is nothing to brag about as the whole monk leaderboard is filled with 150 clears this season. I “walked” 21 gems up to level 150 by doing up to gr 149 within the 60% chance range at Urshi (also got a few lucky 30% upgrades). Running 145s to 149s wasn’t too bad, only failed a few 149s when the champions and other elites were too crazy. The step up to 150 took several tries as the monster and elite health is noticeable higher. Got it on the sixth try. One map was festering that gave some progress even though I didn’t get a Conduit. Finished on spaghetti with Agnidox in 12:24.

I have screen shots of course.
Link to heroine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:: https://eu.diablo3.blizzard.com/en-us/profile/Jazz-2357/hero/138774209


Stop it. This absolutely entitles you to bragging rights.

Seriously, kudos to you.

By the way, a female hero is a heroine. You might want to fix your typo.


Thx. (Did have a feeling that “heroin” looked odd… even though D3 is akin to an addiction, but didn’t bother to check at the time of writing).


Well done! I did mine with 2792 paragons in 14:29, with the help of a festering wood and conduit :wink:


Well done! :+1:

I wish I could say the same but I’m stuck at gr 149 with my 2400ish gonz Sader :grimacing: I’ve got 200+ keys left and there is still a few more days to go… I hope RNJesus will finally reach out to me! :laughing:


Sorry to hear that. Wish you best of luck. I took a look at the Crusader season leaderboard. There are 255 150 clears and you are rank 256. So a 149 clear is crazy much harder than a 150 for monk.


Not nearly as impressive as you guys, but I improved my all-time personal best too today with a solo GR137…

Still got well over 200 keys left so I’ll be swearing my way through some GR138s later.


137 is impressive enough since it gets a place both on the overall and the Arachyr leaderboard.

I’ve never been keen on fishing. Next patch should be better suited for that with the ability to close GRs, better monster progression and the chance of better maps.

Been cleaning up stash, spending soul shards on some augments and leveling the last handful of gems up.

Well done Jazz!!! That must be a nice feeling I can imagine. I am sitting at 142 myself with the Marauder. :wink:


Congratz and likes to all. Marauder is tough to push with. There are lots of things to keep in check (Arachyr is probably just as tricky). Hadn’t played my DH in more than 1500 paragon points ago since going monk so I gave it a try today, Got a 137 down on the first try at that level (first map was one of the longest keeps maps ever seen, and quite fitting got “Ghom” on the next map). Multishot is hard on the fingers… I tend to press unnecessarily hard on the mouse button to squeeze out more shots!! I don’t really feel the urge to try and go higher.
I’ve seen Raxx do a 150 but you probably have to use the ring of fire soul shard and fish for festering woods with lots of elites and champions.

PS. I see that Meteor just blasted a 138! :+1:
… and I forgot to mention that my 137 on Marauder gave me a primal Wraps of Clarity! A useful one that can be rolled to any elemental damage type. (Dropped with dex/armor/crit/lph so armor->elemental).

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And here’s today’s improvement, a GR138 with over two minutes left…


Your post brought me luck :four_leaf_clover: indeed, Jazz! I finally made it to 150 and I beat the game too! I just can’t believe my eyes :see_no_evil::rofl::joy: I am such a noob I don’t even know the name of all the maps I went through. I just know the finish was on the Battlefields and I defeated Perdition after 14’09 minutes. The end to :fire: a hell of a journey :fire:! (arff, I wanted to post a link to a screenshot but it seems I’m not allowed to…)

Anyway, a lesson I’ll keep from this first experience of trying hard is that maybe one should not only look for The Festering Woods or The Battlefields right at the opening of a game. Meaning it may prove worth playing through a lame map as long as you have the right kind of mobs on it - even though maybe it’s mostly true for season 25 as it helps you build your stacks to make a Ring of Fire. (In my case, I started with a very bad maps but full of tiny spiders.)

Congrats to Meteorblade on his new ranking too!


I’m sure it’s your hard work, persistancy and determination that made it possible :+1:
To get a picture shown here you have to upload it to a place like imgur and then link to it. You also need a certain “trust level” to be able to post links on the forum (I think?).

You’re right about maps. And often even festering and battlefields will have bad monster types or a scarcity of elites, and you can’t get pylons, or you don’t get the pylons you need the most.

Did a 140 with 50 seconds to spare on my marauder (need to do it faster just to get on the bottom of the leaderboard). Going higher my own, raw damage begins to feel insufficient and needs help from better maps etc.

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First, upload your image to a free image-hosting site such as imgur.

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Well, improved my 140 on better maps and got the 982 spot on the board… and cramps in my hand too :grin:

I missed a GR139 by 1.5 seconds tonight. Definitely happening tomorrow.


Wow, many thanks on this perfect tuto!

Let me try…


Ooooh, OK, now I don’t see the screenshot in the right window anymore but only the link, indeed!

Would I be abusing your kindness if I asked you how one can quote different persons in the same answer? For instance, what should I do if I want to answer both Jazz and you in the same message?

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The thing I struggle the most is resource management. Apart from that, it performs really well. Obviously, the soul shards help tremendously. I wouldn’t be able to clear 140+ with my paragons and skill level otherwise. I think I will try GR143 today, but so far I had only caves and spaghetti maps whenever I tried. The Marauder seems really strong next season by the way, with the new activity that they added. Very good screen clearing potential.

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You just quote from different posts while the reply window is open. This can at least be done on PC and tablet by scrolling and up and down to find what you want to quote.

My first 140 was with Multishot using Squirts and F&R. The next was with Cluster Arrow bear and Endless Walk and CoE.
With EW (and Yang’s) resources are more plentiful I think.


And, as promised, here it is embedded for you…

Congratulations on your clear.