Invoker of thorns: am i doing it wrong?

so, i was able to handle T8 reasonably well with my LoN crusader while farming the invoker set, but now that i have it, it’s playing a bit differently than i expected…

under the LoN build, i basically did mediocre damage but over a reasonable radius, which killed lots of things slowly.

with the full thorns build, the 300% thorns applied over 15ft does functionally no damage, but my main attack (slash) does MASSIVE damage; i kill few things very quickly. i was expecting the great single target damage, but i was also expecting that same mediocre radial thorns damage…

sooo yeah: is this just the way it is? is this basically the tankier, melee version of the Shadow Mantle set?

btw, i don’t have the belt that auto-casts bombard yet (i’ve spent ~10 hrs and ~20k blood shards… still haven’t found it)… but to my understanding, that would only help my defense, not my AoE offense.

You’re doing it wrong:
Google: icy veins diablo 3 crusader invoker
(I can’t post links) and read his guide.
Also Leoric’s ring and ruby in helmet? Read what little they do when you’re level 70.

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Got it now.

Invoker is very much an elite-hunter build, where you concentrate on single-target damage to elites, and you get a small amount of splash damage to the mobs surrounding it due to your area damage / armour aura.

It’s exceptionally tanky as, due to the fact that thorns cannot crit, the usual affixes of CHC / CHD are completely useless to this build, so you take attack speed (so you can apply / re-apply thorns more quickly) or mitigation affixes such as all resist, life on hit, and so on.

Also, you’re currently using a two-handed weapon, which is a very bad choice, as they’re slow. For an Invoker, your weapon’s damage is completely inconsequential. All that matters is how fast you can apply your thorns. That means ideally you want a dagger (as they’re the fastest weapons in the game) and to take the Fervour passive rather than Heavenly Strength.

If you want an example…

As Meteorblade said, Invoker Thorns is played similar to Impale DH, you snipe elite packs over the rift and dispatch them quickly with insane damage while being very tanky, you don’t waste time to kill trash mobs - you completely ignore them and just ride your steed to next elite pack. It is a very strong build that does very well for pushing GR and quite ok for Neph rift to farm keys.