Its a busy day for Blizzard Services!

wait time 167 minutes to log in.

Doesn’t seem to be mentioned so any one else have this?

I got the same. But no news of why it’s busy as far as I can see

Yes, i have same prob: que is around 400 minutes now O_O

Hope to get some info from Blizzard then…

452 minutes here now. WTH. Fianlly got some spare time. Bah

yeah - it’s been going on for a couple of hours… Blizzard says they’re investigating:

The issue seems to be mostly with the BattleNet App… launch D3 without the app or use the Go Offline “feature”

You can also log into BattleNet by using the Americas server instead of the one in Europe.


5 minutes ago it was 136 minutes. Now it’s gone back to 160 minutes

Jeej 102~ min left, if all goes wel.

… or you could read the post by Boubou, and forget all about this.

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Yes that worked. Just press “go offline” and the app starts as normal with “Play” ,taking you to the default game screen

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Not sure when they added this to the launcher, but it’s been there a few hours at least…

Looks like it might be a while.

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