Lack of upgrade gear

i have been running lvl 90 Gr for days now. lots of them with my nephew and not 1 single primal. also been running torment 16 NR to generate keys so nothing low lvl for days and still no primals. am I doing something wrong here or am just 100% unlucky??? i dont seem to get anything of use. I get gear for all other char classes and some pretty nice shiz it is but I like my necro and I think its about time this issue was addressed. i see people with 8 or 9 primals equipped complaining they get nothing and I think how nice it must be to complain when ur just being a retard as some of us get nothing. try to sort this out. I like the game but im bedoming lost as to why I bother any more.

The only criteria to be “eligible” for primals is to have completed successfully a Tier 70 Greater Rift Solo. Check your bloodshard cap; if it’s 1200 or more, you are eligible.

You are guaranteed a primal item the first time you complete a solo level 70 GRift in Season.

Everything else is just luck; primal items are very rare… only 1 primal item out of 400 legendary items. That is not a guaranteed rate… but an average over thousands of legendary items. Also note that the primal item may or may not be suitable for your build, or may have the wrong stats on it.

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I must have had in excess 1000 legendries by now, still no primals… that’s not answer man. I have completed multiple lvl 70 rifts my cap on bloodshards is 1250 so im clear from all that and have been for a while now.

That’s the only answer you will get… bad luck is unfortunate, but it’s not a bug and there is nothing that can be fixed, short from deliberatly increasing the odds of getting a primal.

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I just did a lvl 95 then 96 then 97 then 98 then 99 then 100. not even a minor upgrade and still no primals… also a primal puzzle ring belonging to my nephew who got 2 primals tonight in about a 15 lego span. this is wrong and needs looking at. oh and no primals from the puzzle ring either.

Assuming you’ve unlocked access to them by successfully completing a GR70 (or higher) solo within the timer, primals are roughly 1 in 400 legendary drops. That’s the Expected Value, which is a special term from the Law of Large Numbers, and it means this is the average number you’d expect to get after huge numbers of drops. So, using those figures, let’s do a little bit of maths / statistics.

Let’s say that you farm X legendaries…
The chances that an individual legendary will not be primal = 399/400 = 0.9975
The chances that none of 1 legendaries will be primal = (399/400)^1 = 0.9975
The chances that none of 400 legendaries will be primal = (399/400)^400 = 0.3674
The chances that none of 1000 legendaries will be primal = (399/400)^1000 = 0.0818

That means 8.18% of people wouldn’t have a primal within 1000 legendaries.
So, you’re currently getting a result that roughly 1 in 12 people would get.

In summary…

It’s not broken, it’s just a really low individual drop chance and short term variances against an expected value are perfectly normal when small numbers of events are considered (i.e. your own drops) when compared to a statistically valid population (i.e. the drops of thousands of players).

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just finished my season journey and decided to try another torment 16, guess what??? still no primals. this is getting old fast

Guess what? It’s still not broken.

The chances that none of 1500 legendaries will be primal = (399/400)^1500 = 0.0234
So, roughly 1 in 50 people would still have that result.

The chances that none of 1850 legendaries will be primal = (399/400)^1850 = 0.0097
So, roughly 1 in 100 people would still have that result.

Your results are a perfectly normal, short-term variance in a sequence of events where every single event has a 399/400 of being a non-positive outcome. Stop conflating bad luck with broken.

to conflate is to merge 2 or more things into one. so please if you cant understand basic English then you need to go back to school. I am not merging 2 or more items I am making a statement which until proved incorrect is empirical evidence to date. im sure you mean confuse but im expecting that your thesaurus is a little out of date or you just skipped a paragraph and came upon the next word by mistake?

You don’t get to shift the burden of proof. You’re making a claim. It’s up to you to prove that the claim is true, not for others to prove it’s false.

However, I’ve posted maths / statistics showing you that not only are the results you’ve experienced not demonstrating that RNG is broken, they also show that what you’ve experienced isn’t even unusual.

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I have never shifted the blame, I don’t have to prove anything, my figures and personal experiences speak for themselves and I at least understand the English language enough not to use incorrect word usage. You have a nice day and please understand I came here for some creative and inspiring conversation. instead I found you and that killed the conversation.

You attempted to. You’ve claimed that RNG is broken and stated that unless other people could disprove that claim, you were going to believe that claim is true. It’s up to you to prove it’s broken, not for other people to prove it’s not.

Your personal experience, from maybe 1500 legendaries, is a statistically invalid population to extrapolate from. We’re talking about an Expected Value of 1 in 400, but it’ll only approach that when you look at the results from thousands of players, over thousands of legendaries each, i.e. millions of results.

I provided maths and statistics showing you why your results do not indicate that the RNG is broken. They don’t even indicate your results are even unusual. Heck, you’ve even marked my first reply as a solution to your thread, i.e. you agreed that the answer I provided was right.

Over the last couple of days, I levelled two gems from 0 to 120, which means I ran roughly 50 GRs, all of which I did at GR90 or higher, so I got 10+ legendaries per GR. I got one primal doing those runs, which is about 1 in 500.

Then, last night, I ran about 15 T16 rifts to get some more GR keys. I got two primals from those runs (I got one two rifts in a row), which is about 2 in 150, which is 1 in 75.

Overall, combining the T16 rifts and GRs, I got 3 in 650, which is 1 in 217.

So, depending on which population of results we used, we’d get any of these results for the drop rate of primals…

  1. 1 in 75
  2. 1 in 217
  3. 1 in 500

This is why you can’t use small sample sizes of your personal drops to ascertain whether the drop rate isn’t 1 in 400. I got 650 legendaries in 2 days. If I got that many for an entire season, that’d be almost 30,000 legendaries. That means I should get maybe 70 primals in the season. I guarantee if I had recorded how many primals I’d gotten, the results would be a lot closer to 1 in 400 than the three values I got from 150, 500 or 650 drops.