Lag spikes in game

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Since season 18 launched I have experienced lag spikes between 2 and 10 seconds. I have gone through every troubleshooting option there is and the problem does not seem to be on my end. Am I the only one?



Good morning GoobleGaming,

Please try running a WinMTR while playing the game. This might show us where the issue is.

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I have terrible lag 2 evenings in a row now. I am running MTR to the EU D3 server ip and there are issues with a point nearer Blizzard’s end specifically:

et-0-0-2-br02-eqam1.as57976 best 21 average 53 worst 2338

| WinMTR statistics |

Host - % Sent Recv Best Avrg Wrst Last
VODAFONE - 0 528 528 0 0 3 0
host-212-158-250-39.dslgb - 0 528 528 6 8 22 18 - 8 409 379 15 15 24 16
lonap-ix.blizzardonline- 8 404 374 16 21 82 17
ae1-br01-eqld5.as57976- 5 445 424 22 24 74 23
et-0-0-2-br02-eqam1.as57976- 1 505 500 21 51 2338 22
et-0-0-67-pe01-eqam1.as57976 - 14 345 299 22 25 94 23 - 6 433 409 22 22 33 22
________________________________________________ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

Data packet loss (8%) started at hop 3, which belongs to Vodafone, I believe it is your ISP.

You should contact your ISP and show them your WinMTR report.

There is def. something wrong with the servers. Getting lag spikes as well and didn’t have any trouble before s18.


Good morning Intenzity,

As Maskraider pointed out already, you are loosing data within your ISPs network as shown below. You should get in touch with them and show them the data.

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Good morning TuneOut,

Maybe you could run aWinMTR as well and post it here? Because there is no general issue with the servers.

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The problem consist for many others. I’ve spoken to around 10 other players in game yesterday and today and they all get small lag spikes, which did not occur to them before.

I downloaded the program and ran it twice for 10min.
It only showed my internet provider with 0 percentage loss.
I think there is something wrong with the servers.


So far, there are only two reports here, one having clear dataloss in the ISPs network. In your case it doesn’t have to be dataloss, but could also be high response times. Could you post your result here please?

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The ones I made has said no percentage loss at all.
I don’t know how to copy the text file into the thread.

You should check my post about the unplayable lagging while playing leapquake barb… And you should check the general discussion forum. A lot of peaple experiencing lag spikes… And there must be a lot who just play and don’t use the forum… Something is really no good. This is just very much upon some tolerable lagging…


As I wrote about : I never had any issues before season 18, neither in the start of season 18. It happened in the last couple of days… And several people in game also reported having issues


I got a report, but don’t exactly know how to post it on here, hopefully it shows that there is something needing to be checked


| WinMTR statistics |

| Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last |


| - 0 | 272 | 272 | 0 | 1 | 23 | 1 |


WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Provider

This is the report I got

This was shown about 4 times I tried

Hello TuneOut,

You could use a page like, paste the data there and just post the link to it here.

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It seems to me that not only season laggy. I tried leapquake in NS and experiencing the lags there too. Not as much and not as huge but absolutely annoying ones… So check your game because right now sadly leapuake is not a usable build…

I have the same problem, however it is only with the Barbarian character, the crusader does not lag,

You are not alone with this issue. Barbarian seems to be most mentioned

Me and my friend also has some lagging issue, sometimes big ones (we use different internet providers as well).
As for characters those are witch doctor and necromancer, so not a barbarian related issue.
There is definitely an issue on the server.

My thoughts go to the unfortunate souls that want to play hardcore, I bet this problem have claimed more than one hardcore soul already.

Hey… I can confirm this lag… Its insane, and no, we’re tons of ppl experiencing it, i have talked to my internet provider aswell, where there is no problems, and no problems in any other game… It started like the day or 1 day before WoW classic released… So thanks for that… Now we cant play diablo without constant 2-10sec lag every few seconds, and sometimes even DC’s… Please fix this. Thanks

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Aaaaand here came the first DC… not from internet, not from entire diablo, just the game i was in… awesome. And like freezes every 10sec for 2sec at a time. Love it