Lag...lag..lag...solve prb!

I have a very big lag in the game. I changed the monitor, the video card and I still can’t get rid of the lag. Please solve the problem.

I doubt it would make a difference no matter how high tech or low tech your system is. I doubt the problem is with Blizzard either. It is nearly always internet jams between your connection and the local server. When I play in group I know for a fact one player lives in France, and I live in the UK. I sometimes get red lag, occasionally lost game connection whilst he is green throughout. Sometimes he gets the lag and I am green. If it were Blizzard’s fault we would both be green or red simultaneously.

It’s a mass player game so there could be a lot of players in your locale at any one time that puts the slow on game latency.

Hi idiot, i can’t response to your idiotic message in my topic. So i will reply here:
Thanks but i’ve been playing this game with the highest possible graphical settings without any performance issues. My request is just for my pleasure to make game more immersive.
And i’ve been playing Diablo for 20 years now. I know how to deal with graphical options, don’t consider yourself as if you’re the only Diablo and gaming fan. If you don’t have anything to give just keep your useless informations to yourself. Best regards.

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Nice one

Enjoy your lovely lag.

Incidentally your request was so silly that it left us thinking you had no idea of graphics or gameplay visuals.