Looking For A Fun Active Serious Clan

As title says i am looking for a serious active season clan i took a long break for a while after playing non stop for over 2+ years i was in wqw left to take break.

I am 36 years old from the UK I am interested in group play, doing bounties,Speed runs,Gr pushing on solo/group.

I am currently playing barb/I Have mic


Taw recructing aktive players. We have casual and competitive players and from what your writing youll fit right in. If interested add me boedha#2941 :slight_smile:

Hello, we run a fun clan with players who take their game play seriously, not sure if we are 100% what you are looking for. It depends on how serious you want it :slight_smile: People are on voice chat in Discord most evenings and doing group content. You can read more about us here: New clan (PC/EU): Dominion SO looking for members (new players also welcome)