Massive FPS Drops /w 3080

Having massive FPS drops in certain maps and when in my inventory (hovering over items with sockets specifically).
I had also noticed the game was not using as much RAM as expected (500mb) and started running it in admin, this did help as it now draws ~1600mb RAM but still seems low… have approx 24gb RAM free when playing.

Tried reinstalling, defaulting nvidea control panel settings, and all the FAQ suggestions for low FPS. Did also try lowering the GFX settings to minimum and still had the same issue. GFX Drivers are up to date.

Other games I am playing are absolutely fine, such as Monster Hunter World, Deep Rock Galactic, Halo Infinite and a plethora of others.

System Specs:
Intel i5-10600K @4.1GHz
Nvidia RTX3080
32GB RAM @3000MHZ

I have recently changed my motherboard, cpu, gpu and added 16gm ram into my machine but with other games being fine I am loathe to believe its a hardware problem.

No idea what the issue is, have any advice please do share, and even if not please share how much RAM your diablo 3 is using for a comparison, it will help a bunch!

Hey there Jaevwyn!

It’s likely this requires a more specialized approach that we can’t provide via these forums. Please send a ticket attaching your MSInfo file and one of our technical specialists will go over it and see if anything looks out of place :slight_smile: