Massive lag spikes since s19 start?

Today HUGE area dmg lag on bazooka…first group of mobs on hc and lag on 1 seconds…Any way to FIX IT?

This is getting completely ridiculous. In Clan we can barely do 125+ 4-man when 2 Barbs are present. Even removing all AD from everyone does not work. The game keeps freezing over at 40+ mobs. (setup 1 Cruz/1HealMonk/1SuppBarb/1WWbarb)
The dps Barb tries to stick to the outside of the mob-packs but even so, the game keeps freezing up. And even if you manage not to die, the timer keeps going, the mobs are froozen like you are but don’t take damage, you’re stuck waiting, loosing precious time, and you end up loosing. If anyone has a solution… (apart from the obvious: replacing the dps barb with a macro’d bazouka wiz?)

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still the same doesn’t look like any fixes this season

It is still fuck blizz com’on!!!

Blizzard just don’t care about this game. For them Diablo 3 is not profitable anymore, only pain in the ass. Take a look how long they cannot fix problems with clans. A year? Its ridiculous.
I think its a part of internal Blizzard strategy. They want to make this game disgustingly unplayable (slowly, of course) so people give up with D3 and easy pay for D4.

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Jumped on here to see if others were experiencing the same issues and it looks like it :frowning: In a way im glad its not just me but playing high GR with my WW Barb atm is almost unplayable :frowning:

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Well if they disgust me with Diablo 3 lag issues (which is slowly but surely happening) and are not able/willing to fix it (it’s happening since months as I can see on the board) I certainely WONT put money for Diablo 4. I will get a game from a reliable game publisher who is more customer service oriented.


Half of my Hardcore party just died today because of it. 1 dps barb had a little area damage and the whole screen went nuts. When I looked up at latency I had over 1.4k ms of latency. I survived by miracle. It was so weird, huge lag spike all of the sudden when we were fighting at a very good density. My friends now have to level them 100 gems back up and lost some good primals. Sad day for hardcore players.