Massive lag spikes since s19 start?

Hi There,

Is anyone else getting massive spikes while playing since the start of season 19? have tried every fix listed on the forums, nothing seems to work (even tested playing other blizzard games (WoW, SC2, etc.) and my latency is absolutely perfect whilst playing them, only getting spikes in D3?

Any help?



That isn’t very informative… Have you done this:

If you have, then see the last message in that topic :

First of all should change the Title of this thread into something general :slight_smile:

Got major issues now since start of season 19.

  • Can’t start games
  • Can’t invite people
  • Login issues
  • Messages “cant invite non season players” even when they have their season hero.
  • Slow starting private games

It is a massive cupcake at the moment with everything.

** it is not my connection as this is stable
** my other 3 irl friends are experiencing the same

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I had to clean up the post a bit, but otherwise: yes, there is certainly trouble brewing. We’re working to sort it out as I’m typing this. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your message. Ye its almost non playable at some times… Hope you can sort these things out rather soon then late :slight_smile:

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From reading other threads, it seems that some of the named problems were here even before S19.

It really starts to annoy people that certain things not getting any fixes at all. Should we start to worry about D4 release even if D3 has these major issues at this moment.

Have to say that im a great fan of the work from Blizzard but that my high fives dropped the last couple of years. Blizz can do better!

A lot of ppl have lag issues.

For example i can see my ms sometimes skyrockets up to 2k.

Second problem is that (idk if it’s something about ww rend barb) when playing 4 man a we gather density insane lag spikes occour


Thanks for the response, looking forward to an update on this

Code 1060 keeps on popping up randomly after a lag spike and I get kicked out of the game and for a couple of minutes.

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The lag spikes that occur with WW barbs is caused by Area Damage. Any WW barb should make sure to remove all Area Damage from their gear before doing group GR. The AS that WW barbs have 'cause massive procs and lag, their Rend is already proccing super fast, the game just can’t keep up.
In case you didn’t already know, Area Damage is useless for WW barb, since Rend can’t proc it.


I have been getting the same thing only on Diablo III, not sure what exactly is happening but is getting rather annoying and is becoming unplayable recently, I enjoy playing blizzard games but this is getting out of hand and needs to be fixed please and thank you

What do this mean ? I have same problem just random massive lag spike can happen after 3 seconds in game with any character…

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Just lost my HC character to repeating lag spikes… lost the will to play.

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Public games are just unplayable at a higher level since most people are playing the new WW barb which adds tons of splash/area procs causing huge server-side lag spikes lasting for as long as the splash procs are active and falling off with either mobs dying or players applying the procs dying…

All that’s needed is a dense group of mobs and barbs whirl-winding through for the game to freeze to a halt if it takes time to kill the group (e.g. higher level GRs, where mobs aren’t killed instantly).

Of course, network latency will go up as a side effect, but the root cause is your game servers choking up with tons of high-frequency splash/area procs.

Steps to reproduce:

  • High enough GR level so that it takes time to kill mobs.
  • 1 support monk to pack lots of mobs into a high-density group.
  • 3 WW barbs whirl-winding through the high-density mob group.

Any WW/Rend Barbs that want to play in groups should have no Area Damage affixes on their gear and leave 50 Paragon points unspent by not putting them into Area Damage, i.e. they should have zero AD. I’ve been running groups with multiple WW/Rend Barbs at a high enough level where stuff takes time to kill and it’s been absolutely fine.

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So is it getting to get sorted any time soon?
Or are we just waiting for people to stop playing to free up some server space?

Still an big issue with high latency/lagg in high GR’s.
2x cruz, zmonk and zbarb. Noone in the party had any area damage, and getting more than 20-30 mobs on screen at one time resulted in 1 fps or less…
So you wait and try to keep alive and after 5 sec or so everyone dies…
Seems some bugs that was removed in season 15/16 is back too. Like the maze GR catacombs maps.

Please do something about the GR lags as it is not playable in group as it is now.

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Its not only when with barbs or in a public group of 4. It gets worse the higher the GR is and i even went solo on my wizard GR 113 and it was absolutely unplayable.

I just finished a solo GR120 about five minutes ago on my seasonal WW/Rend Barb with absolutely no lag issues what-so-ever.

Blizzard needs to fix server lag from area damage (and possibly other sources of area procs). Public games are a joke at the moment. Cannot keep telling people to remove area damage - which they never all do. I’ve just played a public game where a single person had area damage on gear and we just kept dying from server lag. Every time we hit a large group of mobs, everything started freezing, while FPS, on the other hand, was normal. You could tell everyone was experiencing the issue, because everyone kept dying because of it. Of course higher GRs are worse off, because it’s possible to pull together larger groups of mobs for longer, which means more procs…

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