Missing Attackspeed with gem "Dregs of lies" Season 25


it makes no difference whether i have socketed the stone in the weapon or not - the attack speed remains unchanged. The values are not added up with attack speed.

i wanted to insert some pictures as links here, but no posts can be created with links. It keeps aborting with an error message. if you want to have pictures, contact me via my linked email address from my account!

is this a bug or is it intentional that you get values displayed that have no effect?


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try it over Hyperlink… well now i try your Way :smiley:

Without Gem - 33% Atack Speed

Gem with +13% Attack Speed

And socket gem… should be 46% Attack Speed but it´s still unchanged by 33% Atack Speed

i try it with several different Dregs of Lies with different accounts but same error.

OK – now I understand what you meant…

Attack speed on weapon does not show up in the sheet; it shows up directly on the weapon DPS and attacks per second.

The base attack speed of the Yang’s Recurve is 1.4 attack per second. You enchanted a 7% increase in attack speed… so the new attack speed is now : 1.4 x 1.07 = 1.498 attacks per second.

Your shard adds another 13% attack speed… so the bow attack speed is now 1.498 x 1.13 = 1.69274 attacks per second. Your Yang’s Recurve shows a value of 1.68 – close enough I think.


There is a post on the Americas region forum that talks about how attack speed is computed; you may find it useful in getting a better understanding of attack speed.

Best of luck in your games.


hey perfect thank you Boubou. the way you explain it to me, it really makes sense.
only I find it honestly confusing when all other values such as critical damage and chance are added up and are also displayed in the list but here the data is apparently missing.

The bow has in fact without stone 1.5 attacks per second and with it are the 1.68. I had not really noticed that :+1:

so it is not a bug that these 13% are not added in the list? as I said with the critical damage and height it works from the numbers and also cooldown etc. is displayed correctly. only this one value here has struck me “negative”.

so thanks again and also for the further information about the calculation. When my migraine is gone, I will work through it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

take care of you

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No, it’s because IAS (Increased Attack Speed) is different from AS (Attack Speed).
The first is weapon-specific, the second affects all attacks.

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THX for explain this :upside_down_face: