Mouse button key bindings

I do NOT want the left mouse button to control both Move AND primary attack. When I want to move across the screen to chase down a treasure goblin, it automatically attacks if it’s at the edge of the screen, effectively stopping ME and letting the goblin escape. How bloody stupid. I go to the Key binding options and the mouse buttons are greyed out, which means i can NOT change them. Again- how bloody stupid. I’ve been looking through the forums to find a way to fix this, and…NOTHING. How bloody stupid.

I’m not wanting to change this JUST for treasure goblins. When trying to kill multiple enemies, to get mass kills, I often get stopped while attacking one, so I can’t run to collect more, and the countdown stops. How bloody stupid.

Is there ANYONE out there who knows how I can fix this? Do NOT tell me to “download this program,” or “purchase that mouse.” That is bloody stupid.

Hey,you can put force move on your mouse wheel. That should help you out.