Mundunugu set dungeon

Is there one ?

When I approach the tome of set dungeons with my 6 pieces on, I am told I am not appropriately garbed to read it.

All the new sets have one thing in common: They have NO set dungeon !
BTW: Have you ever heard of search engines, which would have told you that in a few seconds ?

I have thanks yes.
Thanks also for the reply.

Right near the top of the General Discussion forum…

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Mundunugu’s Set has been out a while now why hasn’t the diablo crew added a Set dungeon I hate the other sets for WD

This was asked as soon as the first new sets were released.
Blizzard’s response was that they weren’t going to make any dungeons for them…

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I didn’t know that about the lack of plans, now the many players in my home know as well.
Thank you for sharing that, saved us from checking in over time.

@Funboy321 asking about it is how I found out. (Thanks, btw)
By using a search engine. Go figure. People asking makes it come up more often, kinda how those work.

Kind of a late reply, but the zunimassa set dungeon is fairly easy, probably the easiest of the WD dungeons and one of the easiest overall. If you re struggling with the seasonal quest to master a set dungeon, give Zuni a try :slight_smile:

If you struggle with zuni dungeon, only have dogs as pets, use krelms belt and off-hand to remove CD and fierce loyalty.

With this belt you can run back over the map a little so you only clear map from sout to north so it’s easier to see enemies far away. Once you gripped enough summon all other pets and blast everything.