Necromancer Buy

Hi, I am sorry to be posting this here but in the Blizzard shop everything is
automated and I can’t see my issue listed in the automated options and there
is nobody to speak to, but it is not really that I have an issue I just need to
know that if I buy Rise of the Necromancer and I am paying in rands will it
automatically convert it to pounds as I pay? I will be paying with my debit card.
I didn’t want to test it on my own incase something goes wrong.
The other question I have is does the game disk get delivered to my house
and while I am waiting for delivery will I be given the activation code in the
mean time so that I will be able to play the game while I am waiting for it to
be delivered?, thanks.

The purchase is Digital only so you will not receive any game disk delivered to you. Once the purchase has completed the Necromancer will be unlocked for use in-game.

The rand is not a supported currency for Blizzard which means you will pay in Euro, any exchange from rand would be done by your payment provider and they would apply their own rates to that.

Hi, I made the purchase and everything went smoothly it all works thanks.