Need help or explain why my char is weak

I am playing in a Clan all people in the clan play as long as i do in this season
But i am baffled about them having up to 1,127,250,000 damage.
While i since start struggle to get a million dmg, sure thye have a little bit more paragon.
But i can hardly do a T13 GR while they do level 90 and higher GR easy
I actually have almost the same stuff as them but whatever i do i can not get more damage.
So when i try a higher GR i die like a little chicklet and have not been very lucky with drops, and are trying to get better stats on the armor.
Now i have improved it a little but it took me 5 times all the Veiled i had collected and constant have to hunt for even more.
And still i get almost nothing more in damage output, now i asked them many times how they get so powerfull but they gave the standard answer hunt for better gear. Which ofcourse only drops in the highest GR where i can’t go.
And even when i would go with a group the drops are so low on these, and if they drop these guys pick them up as fast as possible.
But anyway i still do not know why or how i can get the same power as the guy who has the same stuff as i do but he makes 700 times more damage than i do
So i really have no clue how he does that, even afrer i almost copied all his gear and his settings i simply can’t get much higher than 1.080.000 dmg
Before one asks, yes that i have several ancient item also

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You’re posting on the EU Wizard forum, you realise…

Your EU seasonal wizard is level 38…

So, I presume that you mean your US seasonal wizard…

Well, your current gear / build is significantly different than recommended here…

For example, whilst you have RoRG in the Cube’s jewellery slot to enable the Aughild’s 3-piece bonus to be obtained, you’re not also wearing 2 pieces of Captain Crimson’s crafted set to obtain the 3-piece bonus of that set too.

You don’t have Elemental Exposure as a passive, which is why the build has skills using different elements, so that you get 5% more damage for each element used to damage mobs.

You have Deathwish equipped and Cubed which means you’re wasting a weapon power slot in the Cube as the benefit of these does not stack. If you use the same item equipped and cubed your hero only gains the benefit of the equipped one. As your equipped weapon has 260% on the legendary power, but the cubed one would grant you 325%, swapping your equipped weapon would immediately give an additional 65% damage increase.

Also, as stated in the guide, it’s mandatory to have 4 APoC on your off-hand so that you can maintain 100% up-time on your disintegrate channelling.

Loot is personal in Diablo III, i.e. no-one else is picking up your loot. The drops you see are all yours. The number of legendaries dropped by a GR guardian is determined by the level of the GR run. This maxes out to 12 legendaries at GR90 and above.

Don’t rely too much on character sheet damage, because that ignores all sorts of factors that actually affect your damage output. For example, if you had 20% elemental damage on your bracers and amulet, that 40% extra damage isn’t in your sheet damage figure. If you have the 3-piece Capt Crimson bonus active, the extra damage you get from your CDR doesn’t factor into your sheet damage.

Get the build right first before worrying too much about the number on the character sheet.

Hahaha sorry forgot to mention i playing currently on us server.
I got this deathwish sword a couple of hours before i posted
It is actually my most powerfull weapon stats wise.
All the other are kinda max 2000 dmg weapons i actually been swapping that between several other weapons but when i am try to kill the bosses i really come short in getting them killed before i die lol.
i swapped out the crimson set because when you use the desintegrate ray you constant am out of arcane power and i got some ancient firebird drops which where with nice high Int on them but i wonder if that really does matter in this game much.
Because i see people using all kinda gear mixed and that seems not to have any impact.
But on the other hand that person use 3 primals which probably have more int than my whole set together.
The crimson is just providing as i see it a bit more survival or am i wrong.
this far i have been able todo T14 without dying constant.
That is because i teleport pretty fast when it gets hairy and then return to finish the job ;).
Before i used a ancient mark of the magi staff which has the following stats on it:
(Damage 4219)
3202-4378 Damage
1.10 Attacks per Sec
+1848-2253 Arcane Damage
+7 % Damage
+1463 Int
And the socket with the 130% crit
I am hoping some wand drops with similar stats as the sword but this far as usual not much usefull stuff most is around 2000 or so
At least not what shows i kill the elites faster than with this i use now.
I was seeking to get the crimson back in but then i see a huge drop in damage dealing and actually can survive a T16 GR with ease because i have so much defense that i can stand near a boss but i could not hurt it much if i kept hitting it for a year in a row :smiley:
Believe me i tried and that was fun for all the others because the boss could not kill me.
That is of course before i started change the stats on the gear, and i start getting ancients as well. I had at that point 24 million thoughness and a bit
Now i add something i detected during gameplay i can do lvl 67 GR now but i still have had no answer on the main question how can it be that the guy can do lvl 95 GR with almost same gear than i have… almost everything the same besides he has 630 M dmg output.
Btw i been trying to get the ancient crimson set back but as usual what you want or need i do not get. Now when i got 1 Deathwish i got 4 more in 5 GR runs… sigh
So there is clearly something not giving me that boost of power.
I looked at everything but do not see what could do 649 Million more dm

You have to look at the guide. Crimson is also a damage boost. If you use the Templar you can try and put topazes on chest and pants. I have tried an off hand with only 3 apoc because it also has 10% crit and I only run low on arcane power with few enemies and single targets when mirror images aren’t attacking… I can even run low with 4 apoc on off hand.

This is because of the lack of APoC on your source.

For a Wizard, INT is your main stat, i.e. for every point of INT you get 1% more damage so the more INT you have, the more damage your Wizard will do. You also gain INT/10 as All Resist, which is why INT-based heroes have high All Resist, and that’s why they favour gear with +Armour affixes on, rather than All Resist. This is because it’s the mitigation stat they have the least of naturally (as STR and DEX give Armour) so it’s the most desired. That’s why you’ll see some Wizards (and Necromancers and Witch Doctors) with Rubies or Emeralds in their chest / leg sockets, as that’s giving them armour, and therefore increasing their EHP more than Topazes would.

The 2-piece and 3-piece bonuses of the Captain Crimson set provide you with a damage boost (for every 1% CDR you gain 1% damage) and mitigation boost (for every 1% RCR you gain 1% mitigation). Most level 70 heroes will easily have 40%+ CDR so there’s an immediate 40% damage boost to your hero.

Because, quite simply, it won’t be almost the same. Just look at the stuff in this thread. You’re missing out on a 40% damage boost by not having Captain Crimsons, you can’t keep up channelling on Disintegrate because your Source doesn’t have APoC on it, you’re using the same weapon in the cube as you have equipped which means you’re wasting a weapon power slot in the cube, and so on.

If you find a Source with 4% APoC and you still run out of Arcane Power, consider using a Topaz in your helm as that reduces the Arcane Power cost of abilities, i.e. it doesn’t mean you get Arcane Power back any quicker, but you do spend it slower. If that means you struggle with CDR, consider swapping to the Enchantress as a follower, as one of her ability ranks has the option between Elemental Damage or CDR. When she has 25K or more INT on her gear, that’s a 10% CDR and it’s a straight additive to what your hero has, not a multiplicative, so can be more effective than a diamond in your helm.

Again, sheet damage isn’t a direct reflection of the actual damage your hero can do. Just because one person has 650,000 sheet, and another has 1,000,000 sheet, doesn’t guarantee which is more effective. As previously explained, elemental damage bonuses on your amulet / bracers won’t factor into your sheet damage, but they will give a 40% damage bonus. The damage bonus from Captain Crimson won’t factor into your sheet damage, but they will give a 40% damage bonus. So, right there, even if your sheet damage said 650,000 the actual damage would be 650,000 * 1.4 * 1.4 = 1,274,000, i.e. almost double what your sheet says.

I tell you what. Give me the Battlenet ID of another Wizard that you think has similar gear to yours, but is doing way, way better than your level of GRs, and we’ll go through why by looking at their Wizard vs yours using d3planner.

“Guys what am I doing wrong??”

“Here’s an idiot-proof guide that gives you a step by step solution all your problems”

"OMG I still didn’t get an answer why I’m not doing high GRs :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: "

So do you want to get better or do you just want to whine? The maxroll website and maxroll discord have answers to everything you could every ask.

I have exactly the same problem as this with my demon hunter and can barely finish T12 greater rift. I did not read this whole theat so I don’t know if you got any ideas on how to fix it. But anyway I have now switched over to a wizard which is doing much better and I can more or less keep up with the other players at more or less the same level as me.

Then perhaps you should have started a thread in the Demon Hunter forum rather than necro-bump a Wizard thread from three months ago. However, if you mean this DH…

…it’s entirely unsurprising. Things you’re missing…

  1. You don’t have Focus + Restraint rings (which give 125% damage bonus)
  2. You don’t have Hunter’s Wrath belt equipped (200% damage to Hungering Arrow)
  3. You don’t have Depth Diggers cubed (gives 100% damage to primary attacks, i.e. Hungering Arrow)
  4. You don’t have Wraps of Clarity bracers equipped (gives 50% mitigation)
  5. You don’t have Ninth Cirri Satchel equipped or cubed (gives increased pierces to Hungering Arrow and increases its damage by 600%)
  6. You don’t have Squirt’s Necklace equipped (up to 100% extra damage)
  7. You don’t have Emeralds in your weapons, which means you’re missing 2 x 130% CHD, i.e. 260% CHD.
  8. All three legendary gems you have are wrong. Should be Simplicity’s Strength, Taeguk and Bane of the Stricken.
  9. Skills are wrong. Biggest thing missing is Vengeance / Dark Heart which is a 40% damage increase and 50% damage mitigation whilst active.
  10. Passives are wrong. You even have Grenadier which improves the damage of Grenades in a build that doesn’t use Grenades.

Go and look at a guide…

This reply looks awesome thank you so much I have not had a chance to go
check all that stuff out yet but I certainly will. but I just wanted to say when I switched over to wizard I took the Emeralds or gems out of my weapons and
jewelry so I could keep them. and sorry lol because I was not actually intending
to start a thread I was just reading that sylvanas guys post and I was actually
just replying to him thats why my post is in the wrong place sorry about that.
But this reply really looks good THANK YOU!!! so much because I was really
battling with it for a long time.