Nemesis bracers don't always trigger elites on pylons

[Season 28] I have noticed that even though my follower keeps nemesis bracers on all the time, the elites don’t spawn after activating pylons enough times that it becomes noticeable. It happens in both nephalem rifts and greater rifts. Please correct this soon.


Wrong forum.

If you think you have encountered a bug, you need to report it in the Bug Report forum.

That being said… I don’t think I can remember once when the Nemesis didn’t work on my follower… except perhaps at the beginning of a season when the follower wasn’t wearing the “immortal” Relic/Token/Focus. So you should probably try to record a video of the issue and post it with your report.


It may also be that you are so strong that you kill the spawned elites right away, so it might look like they did not spawn at all.

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Your follower is probably dead when you click the pylons, elites won’t spawn the. I suggest you use a “FOLLOWER CANNOT DIE” relic on them. Good luck ! (I checked your loadout, you’re using a “Follower gets all skills” relic. Not a bug, just PEBAC error

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Not necessarily. The web profiles have been broken ever since Season 27 ended. One consequence is that heroes currently marked as seasonal are Season 27 heroes, not Season 28. Season 28 heroes are not marked and show with the same number of Paragons as non-season heroes. Unless OP specifies what hero he/she is having troubles with… it remains some sort of a guessing game trying to identify what the issue might be.


That’s a valid suggestion. I will definitely make sure to have cannot die relic, although I just checked my DH’s follower and he does have that relic. I will check my wizard’s follower too and if it indeed is the case of my own forgetfulness, I will slap myself on the head. It’s just that I am so used to my followers always carrying no death relics, that I didn’t even think to check it now :slight_smile:

Lykkehjul’s suggestion was the correct one. Tak skal du have, Lykkehjul!

I put no death relic on my follower and everything worked fine. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions and rushed to the forum to complain, but it’s a human nature, I guess :slight_smile:

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