On the article of Connection Troubleshooting

a clarification is required on the article [ IP Release, Renew, and Flush DNS - Blizzard Support (battle.net)].

After having made use of this for some times in long-term, and pondering occasionally on its efficaciousness, there was added after the “release” option also the “release6” for a more inclusive perhaps result.

But within a lapse of time of employing these strings in order to treat the Error 1016, the cmd stopped generating the “release” command’s specifications and only generated the “release6” command’s [that is, three lines and not five].

Any thoughts on how this altering may have taken place in an operating system’s setup?
Could it mean anything other than typical behaviour?

(Perhaps this cmd occurence cannot be repeated after a rebooting? However the fact that it occured once, seems important)

Hey there Nuconic,

I’m not 100% on your actual setup, the added “6” after certain commands, refers to commands given to the IPv6 address for an adapter. For example

ipconfig /release6        Releases the IPv6 address for the specified adapter
ipconfig /renew6          Renews the IPv6 address for the specified adapter

Yes, ok, so I mean that typing either the “release” or the “release6” command, brings forth the lines of the “release6”. These could not have been the same, right?

(by the way, after rebooting I got the same with those two, both being of the “release6”)

(I had started using only the “release” in days of earlier, and then added the “release6” in between the “release” and the “renew”. See?)
(The “renew6” did not seem to work, it was taking too much time only to give a negative response. But the “renew” worked right and has mention of IPv6 on its lines. See?)

Ok let’s see if Blizzard actually listen to their customers, I have been trying to get an answer from them for a week now, I have Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction and was playing it until last Tuesday when I went off for a couple of hours and went to play the game again and got Battle net not responding please again in a few minutes and has been like this for a week, I want the reason why I’m getting this message and how can I fix it…

So please Mr Blizzard can you help?


Yes, that’s usually what happens when you post at the end of a topic that has been inactive for 11 months.

You said also that you have been sending e-mails (to Blizzard ?) and that they’re not being answered. That’s also normal since the proper way of reaching Blizzard Support is through the ticket system. The forum system is for community based technical support… players helping players. Forums do get “visited” by Blizzard Technical staff on occasion, but forums are not meant to replace the ticket system… sometimes, I wish we would get visited by Blizzard technical staff more often so that players could get help more rapidly… but the system is what it is and we have to make do with what we have.

You could try to make a new topic and provide information on what Gateway server you are trying to log into… I tried just now and I can get in U.S. East and Europe without any issues. Also, you posted on the Americas region Classic Games Tech Support forum… there is also such a forum for Europe here:

which you could use… especially if you’re having trouble with the Europe Gateway for Diablo II.

Cheers !

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I have tried getting a ticket but can’t access the ticket system, it doesn’t offer a ticket you click on tech support and nothing happens so the only other way of trying to get help is through the forums. I’m using Europe gateway and like I stated earlier I haven’t been able to get access to Diablo 2 LOD for a week now, I have friends who I play with still playing and having no issues, so It would seem I have been restricted but I can’t get a reason for it from anywhere


For sure, Blizzard is not going to provide that information on the forum… so you will need to submit a ticket.

I’m not sure you can get the reason in Diablo II (2000)… the system works quite differently than Diablo III.

When players ask about that, I refer them to one of the many posts that @TheDarkJedi did on that issue. See here:

As you can see, the list of reasons for a temporary ban is quite “substantial”.

There’s also this post by Leviathan – it explains how to go about asking if your account is under a temporary ban and, if so, for its length (not sure if you can get the date when the ban will be lifted – I haven’t gone through the process myself, so I’m only reporting what others are saying) and provides a link to submit the ticket:

The link provided by Leviathan is for the Americas Region… the equivalent link for Europe would be :

Good luck with this.

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