Party is Locked?

I’m getting Party is Locked. a lot… what is going on, some bug or what?
Damn annoying thing.
Any idea how i can get rid of it?

Getting this 2. I just had rebirthed my char from last season, when I realized that for some reason I was in story mode so I logged out to change this , but I cannot see the option for changing to Adventure mode anymore and also I cannot log into another game with that char again due to “Party locked” What does that even mean and what is this?

I do not play D3 too regularly but I never had this message before…

  1. It’s a temporary glitch. Occasionally seems to happen when exiting a game to the menus. Close the client and re-launch it and you’ll be able to start / join games again.
  2. This thread’s a year old. Necro-bumping threads is frowned upon.
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Well Year old or not. Im having this issue and game restart is not working.

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Haveing this right now too -
I tryed:
Logging from EU -> Amerika -> Log into game -> Log back to EU | Did not work
I repaired my game | Did not work
Changing chars (Season/non Season) | Did not work
Change my Blizzard Password | Did not work

These where all the tipps with this error Code

But why did i mark you - Can u Chat? Go into a chat and try to post. I bet u will get 315000?
I thinks its a server sided problem.

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Still getting this while playing solo everytime i relog.

still getting this in 2023 every time i relog

Not trying to bump the post, but it seems to be a more regulair problem. Currently I am phishing for "The Cursed Peat or “The Cursed Bellows” for the ‘Curses’ Conquest, which means logging in and out repeatably. And it happende several times today that I got “Party is Locked” while I am not even in a party. ‘Start Game’ is greyed out and the only way to solve it is to start the client again. Pretty time consuming, and the conquest is already challenging :frowning: