PTR feedback, Chantodo

Hello. I couldn’t find a PTR-dedicated spot on the forum, so I’m posting here.

I did my testing, and I am disheartened by how weak Chantodo is with the new changes.
Here’s some background. In Season 18, so far my Vyr-Squirt-Chantodo wiz has done solo 130 at Paragon 2k. In PTR, I added 9k+ intel from paragons to the same character and tried a 130. In a good density, I couldn’t keep ahead of time, even though I can do it now, in season, with the broken Squirt. I wasn’t losing Squirt bonus from Frozen affix anymore, and that’s a good thing, but only goes to show how severe the Chantodo nerf is. (In my mind, the current Triune bonus gives us maybe 2-3 GR levels of power which should be compensated for by my added paragons in PTR.)
Bottom line: Chantodo doesn’t feel awesome anymore.

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It is still the only trash-killer build for higher grifts (dunno about necro). Surprise surprise that blizz once again works on something that is being used rather than buffing the bottom, I hope blizz balances chantodo nerf with buff on another item for trashkilling, maybe unhallowed essence buff is that the time is right for.

They are on US forum:

Better to post PTR-related topics there because devs are actively reading those forums during PTR period.

Thanks, I copied this on the US side.

I don’t. It was OP as hell before, now it’s as buff as several other top tier builds. That’s FAIR.

Players are unhappy with the nerfs cos they want an OP build with zero negative aspects, which is what Chantado’s was.

A mate tried the build 2 weeks in, first time playing it. He did a 110 without any augments, in 6 minutes, no deaths. His words “it has insane toughness”.

now to do the same with my DH (impale s6), I’d need 3-4 augments and would be finishing in 12 mins or so…and this DH build is classified as a top tier build. It lacks the insane toughness of the Chantado build too.

The Chantado build is close to 10 GR levels ahead of anything else in the game…that is simply unacceptable from a balance point of view.

DH does need buff however so does Vyr’s. To continue your DH/Vyr’s comparison narrative: DH is faster then the wiz it is supremely more agile so let all characters that are similarly agile be nerfed so that they are cumbersomely slow like a bulldozer!

It is best to buff Vyr’s so much that it makes using the cheat bazooka build obsolete then blizzard can spend money on writing a programme to disable macros use on all their games!!!

If you want to comparison DH with Wiz then check the leaderboards in this season on these classes, Wizard outdoes DH big time. DH is very weak solo when it comes to nosebleed grifts, tons of vaults reduce damage big time especially when I need to aim first knife on champion. Id trade my mobility with AOE and resistance anyday.

DH is the weakest range class.

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I’d agree with this. UE MS does do AD well, but it’s a glass cannon build imho. impale s6 is tankier, but not really AD. High movement ability ≠ DPS. Never has, and never will. That movement speed is more for survivability than DPS, and even then, ALL DH builds are significantly weaker (toughness) than the Chantodo wizard.

I said it before, and i’ll say it again, Chantodo’s was OP. It is good that is is being nerfed.

edit: ancient1 - having played a tiny bit or group player in s18, the much vaunted “speed” that you mention for DH does little - I was barely able to keep up with a vyr’s wizard…so your point is moot anyway.

So you decide to ignore the point or your trolling or maybe you tired eh … like ALL the time ;::)) now you decide to focus on only one game mechanic aspect of the izard & that in & of itself is not fair as without this mechanic the wizard would be useless again! DH would be useless if not for the agility. I should not have to elaborate on this for you however as you decided to ignore my point I have to assume that you lack the mental acuity to detect subtlety let alone subtext. Vyr’s is now glass cannon I want the DH nerf and all agile classes such as the monk teleport function & the barbarian whirlwind & leap so that they are 100 times slower. This will make the gameplay just like wizard Vyr’s!

You people should not want Vyr’s nerf instead you should insist it is buff further until devs can be bothered to do some real work & write a programme to disable macros. Do they even allow macros in their competitions?

Boosting Vyr’s so much as to make bazooka pointless will immediately drop all macros users from the game. This is fair!

you really are wrong here. No use arguing with you any further.

Talking about so much agility like DH outvaults wizards teleport in some kind of way. DH is not useless because it is a good boss killer with stricken but its agility is not what reason to chose to play DH. Sayin that I am a troll when fetching arguments out from thin air.

DH as the RGK is pretty rare imho, it’s all necro…another OP class…

Necro as RGK may change due to the capping of damage stacks on Bone Ringer coming in Patch 2.6.7, thereby meaning thorns Necro is weaker.

weaker yes, but prolly still stronger than any alternative RGK out there. I guess time will tell.

Currently, on the PTR, the strongest RGK are the angels summoned by triggering the theme’s 500 killstreak. They’re killing Guardians in a couple of seconds.

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yeah, I read that on raxx’s YouTube channel a few days ago. The problem with the s19 theme is for console players, we’re screwed - NG double dmg buff can’t really be dropped for the s19 theme (we have to break our kill streaks at the 50/75 point) and the extra on screen stuff will cause massive lag and rubber banding on the console ports too (the game already runs like a dog on consoles) …

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Are elitekillers such as invoker and shadow done for in the upcoming season? Will I be able to play in a 2 DHs party?

The Pandemonium theme could benefit trash killers. If you gather up lots of density and then let the kill streaks reach a level where everything evaporates, and then maybe reset the streak and build it up fast for the next mob. At least that’s what I’ve seen.
And then of course there is the new meta where you make sure to spawn the angels right before the RG.

So play shadow without using vault: just stand there & tank all hits on grift 120+ & upload stream please as we can all do with some light hearted entertainment … I bet you will cry a lot :::)) :slight_smile:

Someone tested it on G150 a few days ago took 4.31 minutes to kill. They did again with with angels they hit RG with 1.6 sextillion that is 1.600,000,000,000,000,000,000 in short form. :slight_smile: