Quality of FUN and revive D3

After Blizzard introduced Quality of life I still miss a lot things in the game.
So I have some thought and ideas that will raise the fun factor IMO.

Mostly I play solo so it would be fun to have more then 1 follower after 10 years.
1 player can have up to 3 followers
2 players 2 followers
3 players 1 follower

And even better if you can choose followers from your character slot. How cool would that be to have your own monk-DH-barb-witch doctor in one team.
I play mainly DH while i don’t have time to farm gear for other classes.
This way I can farm gears for other classes if they can be my followers.
Drop rate will be 25% for each characters.
E.G. If I play my DH and put 2 barb and 1 monk in the team as my followers.
The drop rate for DH and monk items will be 25% each and 50% for the barb.

I play mainly solo because public game is not really fun. Player join…game leave game…join game… leave game…join game…you probably recognize this.
And high Paragons normally dont want to play with low Paragons.
Maybe we can fix this by adding red paragon
It would look like this lvl 70(blue paragon)(red paragon)------->eg lvl 70(6774)(133)
Red paragon can give players extra stats…like dex, vit, or strength and so on.
The red paragon xp a player can get depend on the GR they enter. The higher GR the more red Paragon xp. This way the high paragon can carry lower paragon to enter higher GR and the lower paragon player can push higher GR and upgrade there legendary gems. Everyone in the team get red paragon xp.
eg: player A is paragon 9803
player B is paragon 3880
player C is paragon 2001
player D is paragon 1322
Player A get red paragon xp from player B C and D.
player B get it from player C and D
C from D…and player D get 1% xp of all the xp earned from that run.
or something like that. This way maybe the high paragons want to play with lower paragons. I think a lot of red paragon levels give some prestige.

Primals. I think primals should have much better stats then ancient. IMO its should be at least 25% more then and ancient. Now I have ancient items that is close to the primals with difference of lesser then 2%.
Most primals drop are actually useless.
I have also some ideas about this to make them useful

Primal / ancient fusion and salvage
You can fuse your legendary items with an ancient item and it will have x% chance to become ancient.
Fuse your ancient with a primal it will have x% chance to become a primal item.
Or you can salvage your useless primals and it will give primal shards.
Use X pieces of primal shards to make your your ancient primal.
Make kabala useful by selling primal shards or stats orb

Make rift an GR more rewarding.
Rift boss, GR boss and vault boss can drops primal shards, legendary gem shards and stats orb.
X pieces legendary gems shards can raise your gems by 1 lvl. when gem is at max lvl it will break the limit.
Use stats orb will raise your stats by 1 (eg 1 dex for dh), it will breaks the limit when max is reached.
there will be orb for each stats: dex, strength, all ressist, vit and so on.

some wishes for the future patches
Fast salvage for legendary only warning for ancient and primals
No more yellow or blue drops buy them at shops, only drop veil crystal and arcane dust
Higher torment
No blood shards limit
Lose 50% xp pool upon death
of course we all want more stash
holiday, weekend or monthly buff (i dont play season)
what to auto pick up drop menu

And a lot more i forgot about it.
some things are mentioned before…

But this is some of my thought and ideas…so dont get to serious about it.

Have fun all.

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Hideously terrible suggestion. Junk primals are junk, buffing their affixes won’t make them any less junk. All that suggestion would do is add more unnecessary power creep and make primals mandatory in every build.

When primals were first introduced on PTR, they had 30% higher stats than ancients. They were changed to maxed ancients due to overwhelming negative feedback they recieved. People back then already understood how terrible idea it would’ve been to add even more powerful items.

I am always welcome new ideas but most of your ideas create more work and a lot more complex to achieve. I don’t think Blizzard will do anything about it. The only thing I like is having all 3 followers follow you if you play solo. The rest like primal shards, more recipe in the cube are not so realistic.

The worst idea is having other class of your as followers. You have got to put in effort to farm gear for the class that you are playing. What you are suggesting is a bit lazy and asking Blizzard to create bot for the rest of your char. This is definitely not going to happen in any game I can promise you on that.

They haven’t even improve the current system which I am not going to mention again here but I have posted here a few months back about 10 things to improve on this game which I think is more realistic to achieve and even then some of the stuff I requested will never going to happen.

The game is over 8 years old now and there are a few flaws of course but Blizzard won’t spend more time or money to create more complex system. Probably some minor adjustment and some improvement on quality of life like Pets picking up Mats and DB. They probably invest more into D4 and hopefully learn from the experience from D3. That is all we can hope for.

The followers are massively nerfed and really adapted to the game as it used to be.

I would love to unnerf them. Simply put, anything they equip they should be able to use, including in some cases class abilities. This mean that IF they can equip enough set items to get a bonus they should get that bonus!

For class abilites the sorceress should be able to utelise at least some “wizard” bonuses and equip sources and wands. The Templar could use Crusader bonuses and Crusader shields and flails. And The Squndrel Demon hunter gear and bonuses. In Diablo 2 the barbarian follower really was a barbarian and could equip barbarian onlu gear so this part isn’t new. However the rogue could not equip amazon specific bows.

Some examples: The Sorceress shoot what seem to magic misslies so items that give bonuses to magic missles should work. There is a wand that allow thease to multiply for instance so instead of shooting one you shoot three.

Also add an option for “followers allowed” in cooperative games".

Sweforce; followers are not nerfed. The damage from our heroes has been boosted a lot over time. If you use the “right” build the damage output from set bonuses, skills, equipped items, cubed items, gems and whatnot is crazy big compared to what a follower can do. The followers can be important in other ways by boosting our characters and affecting the monsters - even though some follower skills and actions can work against the gameplay.
Also it doesn’t matter if you use items on followers with the “wrong” mainstat (like intelligense of dexterity on a templar).

I am well avare that the followers are best used to apply debuffs on mobs, something the sorceress excel at. I would just love to see them be able to actually defeat at least minor mobs on their own without taking forever to do so. Yesterday I noticed this when playing a monk and my pet outdamaged my follower with ease.