Randomly changed my language


Today I logged into Diablo 3 and for some reason my default language changed from French to English and I can’t access any of the languages in the ingame options. Where there’s supposed to be written “French” or “English” is now blanco and when I try to click it nothing opens. I’ve checked the battlenet settings and it says my default language is still French. Very odd… just thought I’d report this bug


Hey Glorash,

Please repair the game files, and double check the game settings afterwards (in the Blizzard Laucher) before checking again in-game.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


Sorry, Nenyasqi, but this has absolutely nothing to do with the local game files. Running repairs has no effect because it’s not a client files fault, it’s that the client is intermittently not accepting the language choice in the launcher. There’s a thread on the US Technical Support forum which shows that passing extra command-line options to the client forces the client to show the correct in-game language, proving that the client files are fine.

The problem has been intermittent, i.e. some days the language settings are being observed correctly by the client, some days they’re not, then they go back to working again and the issue only appeared after 2.6.6