Returning player looking for a few quick tips

I’ve been out of the loop for a few years, just back as of yesterday. Quite a few seasons have passed and I main on a UE MS build that I’m looking to refresh. Diablo III

I crafted a quick pair of CCT/CCS to augment my UE set. The missing ring in cube is a RRoG obviously. Speaking of augments, I obviously haven’t done that yet since it wasn’t a thing when I stopped, but that’ll happen after I get my paragon and gems up a bit.

I have a bad Squirts I can use on my speed runs, but using atm my hellfire to push or in friendly 4-mans to avoid some death while I get my twitch reflexes back up to snuff. I’m currently running some GR85 (I think) for speed farming and cleared a GR90 without much difficulty (but near the end of the timer).

Anything else obvious I should keep an eye out for right now (for speed runs, GR pushing or 4-mans w/ friends)? Particular gear I’m missing? Major playstyle changes? Any gear looking particularly worn out or in need of new pieces rolled due to other stats now being more important? Best suggestion to farm from Kadala? Just looking for some ideas to focus on right now while I work out the kinks.

Your Yang and Clarity are legacy version.

Find a new Yang which has %MS in the power and 12 discipline. Even a regular legendary will out perform your current ancient.

New Clarity has max 50%DR which is a hugh upgrade.
If you want more toughness, use Diamonds rather than Emeralds on chest armor and pants. You probably don’t need awareness before GR110.

Your DML has low value in %MS and equally importantly, it misses 12 discipline (secondary). Find a new one with high value %MS and disc.

Stricken is too soon. Unless it need 2+ min to kill RG, I won’t consider using it.
Use Powerful, or Gizzard if you use Squirt.

If using Squirt, put more into DR which makes the shield of Gizzard more effective. If you don’t get any damage, there is no reason to use Awareness.

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Perfect, thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for to focus my farming. Stricken was from pushing previous, great reminder to switch that back out. Really appreciate it!

As your DH is on the US servers (and you’re posting here on the EU forums) could I suggest taking a look at the US Demon Hunter forum, as it gets a lot more traffic than the EU one does. There’s a good compendium of build guides as a sticky thread there too…

The compendium is slightly out of date as it doesn’t include a build for the new Gears of Dreadland set but that’s easily fixed…

Also, just as a general refresher if you’ve been away for a long time…

Hah! That’s what I get for just logging in to post after a DH related Google search on my phone :joy: Thanks for the links and the redirect! :rofl: