"Rift" game filter does not work

Every time I join a “Rift” game at t10 it is actually someone in greater rift not normal rift. The matchmaker should filter these games out.
Also leaving and rejoining joins me to the same few games over and over even though it says there are 100+ other players in rift games currently so there should be other proper rift games to join.
And even after blocking some players I still get joined to their game, which should not happen. Block list should mean I don’t want to deal with that player, why are you joining me to his game?

Fix your matchmaker.

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If you keep getting joined to the same player’s game, it means there are no other open games. Best workaround for that is to start a private game and then, when you’re in town, press Escape and choose to open your game to public and list your game as a Rift game. Then other people in the queue might get auto-joined to your game.

As for blocking, sadly this just prevents you seeing anything the blocked player says in chat channels. As you’ve discovered, it does not prevent you from being joined to their games, or them to yours.

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@Visual: As already stated, nobody except a few “noobs” play at T10.
Next to everybody plays in T16.

Then was it a bug that it showed 100+ players in such games?
And regardless, even if it was literally just me and one other dude on the server, it doesn’t change the fact that the matchmaker should NOT put me in his game if I select Rift and he is doing Greater Rift.