RIP My SS25 HC SSF Character because of Cheat Death Bug

As tittle, there is a bug that is very well known for a long time now without any fixes from Blizzard. This bug basically made the follower’s and the character’s cheat deaths completely useless resulting in my character dying. I stream in Asia and is aiming to be the first GR150 clear in my region and this definitely set me back so much that my goal is very hard to achieve now. Wudijo also RIP because of the same thing, Please Bliz for the love of god fix this bug, this game is close to 10 years old now, not newly release.

I also am not sure if I can post Youtube link here but in the event that I can, here it is: Diablo III SS25 HC SSF Death vì CHEAT DEATH BUG (Rage Warning!) #FIXYOURGAMEBLIZZARD - YouTube

WARNING: A lot of raging going on in the video because it is HC death by a bug that is out of my control, if there is any policy violations, please understand.