!Server down INSANE lag in game!

Last 1 hour i got insane lag in game cant walk around and open anything like my own bags/chest/friendslist go to other acts in bountys takes like 10s ping was 200-1500… I tried restart now i cant log into battlenet … and when i manual enter D3 code it starts to log in that 3 steps and frezze but never logs in . I saw same problem in clan chat for many ppl . some it didnt affect some ppl it did before i relogged and now i cant log in.

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Same - really unplayable. Launcher big issues to and get reload screen.

Same here… Lag in game, and losing connection to server

Same, many people complaining in General chat aswell

fix plz!!!

same here.

Mor di voi

Same here. Huge lag, almost unplayable.

Is there any announcement about this issue?

Still an issue today, takes a minute to log in, 1500 ping while in game

Are you able to perform a connection test to the servers for us: Running a Pathping - Blizzard Support, you can post the results in this thread.

We did have some issues with the servers last night but that should have been resolved. Hopefully, we can help identify the issue.

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