State of servers!

D3 issues.
Playing as Demon Hunter, as soon as I play multiplayer & use “tumble” in the game shit happens. Either she doesn’t, or she keeps hopping between 2 spots, or she does the roll motion with no effect, or as soon as i finish the roll if i use any skills she does as nothing happens. PC is High-end and have WAY more than required. also only happens on multiplayer or on solo when the map is crouded with mobs.
How is this still an issue???
The amount of deaths that shouldn’t have happened and items lost because of that shit that then disconnects me are UNREAL!!!
Will there be an update to servers or maintenance? NOT what I payed for!!!

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Yes this is indeed unplayable at the moment in the EU. Lag rises constantly to nearly 1000ms. It is worse every time there is a bit more happening in the screen.

I decided to stop playing because of the lag.

Theres like 10 topics about the server laggs… Would blizzard fix it? What we can do to alert them? Its totally unplayable.

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