Supp barb with fear warcry did bug

Yesterday we tried to run some GR together, me as barb support and a mage.
It was first time to test support barb and I wanted to use two piece H90 for the buff as supporter.
The mage did good damage but then we encountered a problem, maybe a bug.
When I used threatening shout terrify for fear the monsters stayed at zero life but did not die or give their progress bubbles. Did this 3 GR and then were wondering, why and how this could be. I thought maybe have a try and use instead of terrify the rune for falter, so no more fearing and it worked.
No longer 0 HP unkillable mobs.
Is there a bug known?
How could this happen and will the 2 piece bonus work with falter rune too?
Anyone had same situation?
All of you, have fun

As this sounds like it’s easily replicable, could you report in on the Bug Report forum so it gets fixed…

Had this Bug with a sader once. Dunno How it happened, but the mobs had zero life, and doesn’t die, and kept chasing and hitting me. clan mate told me to just leave it at the portal.

  1. This thread is from over a year ago. Necro-bumping topics is considered bad form.
  2. This thread detailed a new, repeatable way to cause the issue
  3. The underlying issue itself, i.e. unkillable monsters, has been known about for years at this point, which is why you can find it in the the Bug Report forum…

Player List of Known Issues

7. Unkillable monsters. This is also random and long standing. No work around.