Terms of use issue

Cant get past Terms of use, when i accept it it tells me i didnt accept it and i have to put my pass back in

Hi, I hope i’m in the right topic. I’ve got an issue. My ring of royal grandeur has been upgraded by the cube in the last option. Now it’s primal ancient. The ting is: it keep on telling me that i can only have one it equiped. Even when i Unequip alle my items. Please help


When you get this message, it’s usually because you are already using another upgraded primal item. You can’t do that… you can only use one upgraded primal item at a time… much like the sanctified items that we had last season.

cf : Season 28 Rites of Sanctuary Now Live - Diablo III

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Not really… this topic is from June 2022… you should have created a new topic.

Also, issues about the game itself such as the issue you are encountering can be dealt with easily in General Discussion forum – there is usually someone around that can provide an answer.

Technical Support is for issues installing or updating the game, connections and/or lag issues, and crashes.

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Which hero is that ?

If you remove all your items (every single one of them)… then you should be able to equip one upgraded primal item… and only one.

If you remove all your items and cannot equip one upgraded primal item (eligible for that class)… then that is a bug. I would suggest you take a screenshot with the error message and post on the Bug Report forum.