Terrible game performance. Do someting plz

Tonight the game is unplayable due to insane lag. You can´t do anything at the moment you just randomly teleport around the map.
It feels like the game can´t follow what you do. I have never seen this game as bad as it is atm. Have you completely lost your passion about the game. It seems like it.

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What server are you at ?
EU is fine, i mean Solo is not that bad. It almost never laggs in solo.

It mostly lagss in partys, because most people are too lazy to play Tactically.
And because of area damage , the server can not process 10 thousand damage instances per second, because it sometimes really is that many in partys.

And… this season everyone prefers casual wizard… so it laggs like hell in partys with wizards, simply because its SPAM bulid, like almost all bulids that people prefer to play, all popular bulids in public games are SPAM, therfore it must lag, because the game is bugged, its not servers fault per se.
The game was bugged like this since season 1 literally.
And SPAM bulids are not helping…

Diablo 3 - the only game that gets bugged in co-op mode, when you attack more than 10 monsters …

But, I know a group combination that almost never laggs and it can clear GR 150 in few minutes. (not wizards)

It’s almost like… you blame the players? It’s players fault that their game infrastructure is bad? “You are not allowed to play like that, it’s your own fault it lags!”

You are completely wrong. I’ve never had this kinda lag in previous seasons. This is a new thing, not players fault, and should be investigated and fixed ASAP by multi dollar company Blizzard.

You are fractally wrong.

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I play solo and in EU, so… And its a big mess atm.

Totally agree… theres a lag spikes. Sometimes its going up to 500ms, already died twice becouse of it (im playing hardcore). I have played like 10 seasons already, never had lag like this. Im talking about playing solo, not in party.

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what are u on about? its laggy af as solo. It randmly jumps to 400+ ms and back to 50 ms in a matter of seconds. High grifting is like a russian roullette atm

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same here, playing with others any bigger fight will result in stutter, sometimes longer than 1s, and more often than acceptable lead to dying. Hard to push high GR this way.

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