Text size / Font size (Ingame texts/storys)

Hello Blizzard/DiabloIII-Team,
Hello Gamers,

I need your help with the following problem:

I would like to change the appearance and size of the font and text in the Diablo 3 game (for example the fontsize of textes in the quest book or in the many books and storys, all the written words in the game) so that I can read the texts well. How can I enlarge the characters or the game display so that I can read them from a distance of 2 meters away from the screen?

I hope there is a solution, maybe? :face_with_monocle:

Friendly regards,

(p.s. This is unlikely for games I guess but it also be a good feature for games with many written storys so maybe there is a option or maybe a workaround/modification?)

Interfaces in games/applications are generally designed with the assumption of there being less than 1m distance between user and screen, based on common desktop norms, which in turn influences the size of UI elements and fonts. Beyond the options present in the menu of Diablo III itself (which allows to alter the size of some things) - I’d recommend looking into changing the DPI values in Windows itself. :slight_smile: