Unable to start/join games - "Only available to party leader."

I’m unable to create or join games, even only for solo play.
The “Join Game”-button (and every similar button) is greyed out, and while hovering over it, it says “Only available to party leader.”.
I’ve tried to log in on the Americas-region, both on the Blizzard launcher and in Diablo III, but it didn’t work. I’ve also tried “Scan and Repair” and even reinstalling the game without any success.
Any idea on how this can be fixed?

Hi, millen! o/

When this message appears and you are not in a party, this usually means that the connection between you and our servers is unstable. Can you try these steps, including the advanced ones, and see how that goes?

Tried every of the steps suggested, but none of them worked.
Also when I try typing in the chat I get error code 315000, if that helps in finding out what the issue might be.

About 315000: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/27124
Try changing password as stated in the article.

Tried changing password. Didn’t work. :confused:

I found a fix different than theirs… maybe.
So upon getting the issue:

  1. I exited the game. Let another game grab a quick patch for about 20 seconds before starting it. I was still getting the issue.
  2. Leaving the game open, googled the issue, found the old topic. Read through it a bit, decided I didn’t want to mess with EU if I could help it. Apparently one of the comments gave me the thought to see if I could change characters.
  3. I tabbed back into Diablo 3 (still open), and changed character to a non-season character (I was playing a season character at the time). The non-season character did not have grayed out buttons. So I then switched back to the season character and the button was no longer grayed.

So if I had to guess, step 3 would be the primary important one. Try switching to a different character. If that doesn’t work, try switching to a character that is NOT the same “type” as the one you are on (so if you are season, switch to a non-season and back, and if you are non-season, switch to a season and back?).

Hopefully this helps someone.


Unable to play the game i payed for let alone finish season journey why this game so broken

Blizzard is just toooo noob that can’t even solve this simple bug during the past 3 years, clearly this company is end, we should go play games made by other companies.

same problem what to do ?

Step 3 is indeed the solution for this problem and it has nothing to do with an unstable connection. I have had this problem several times now and today again. Played a public game first - meaning that I was in a party - but after that played a solo one to clear out the stash and exited the game normally. When hours later I started the game again this problem showed up.

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After a few years I just reinstalled the game and purchased the necromancer pack. Low and behold I have this problem. What a joyful, why am I even surprised, surprise? Brought to you by the company that brought you Warcraft 3 Reforged. Thanks blizzard, waiting for my refund for this one too.

Error 315000 - Chat Silence - Only available to party leader

There are two scenarios for this.

It’s a temporary bug which can usually be resolved by switching to another hero and then back to the one you wanted to play on, changing which pet the hero has selected, and so on. Alternatively, closing and re-starting the client should resolve it.

If you’ve received an in-game chat silence penalty from any Blizzard game.

There is a long outstanding bug (since October 2019) whereby if you receive a chat silence from any Blizzard game, you will be unable to start or join a Diablo III game session. This will last until the silence period is over.

If you have received a chat silence, you will have been sent an email to your registered address with an explanation of why the silence was issued, and how long the penalty period will last. For a first offence, it’s 24 hours. For subsequent offences, the penalty period doubles each time, i.e.

Offence Silence (Days) Silence (Months)
1st 1 Day
2nd 2 Days
3rd 4 Days
4th 8 Days
5th 16 Days
6th 32 Days 1 Month 2 Days
7th 64 Days 2 Months 4 Days
8th 128 Days 4 Months 8 Days
9th 256 Days 8 Months 16 Days
10th 512 Days 17 Months 2 Days

…and so on.

If you believe you were incorrectly silenced…

If the penalty was correctly applied

While it is theoretically possible for us to unmute players which might work around this, we’re not in the practice of reversing these kinds of account actions for this sort of reason. Regardless of this unexpected behavior, the accounts which have been muted were muted for a reason. If you have an extended duration suspension, a user of your account must have broken our terms of use several times. As such, the account actions will stand until they expire.

If you’re experiencing this issue after a number of years away from the game, and it’s not scenario 1 (i.e. a temporary glitch) that means you’re under a chat ban penalty that lasted multiple years, i.e. it would be at least an 11th or 12th offence.

I’ve been playing this company’s games since wc2, since i was probably 10 years old? warcraft 3 since it came out, world of warcraft since it came out. It’s time to hang it up. Just as the halfway decent employees have left blizzard at this point so do I. This company is a shell of it’s former self. I was disgusted with warcraft 3 reforged don’t know why I even gave this company another chance. Refund me already adios.


just here to say this was indeed the solution also for me.

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just let it go afk. it will boot you out of the imaginary group your in.

2022 and this problem is still a thing

Blizzard gave up a long time ago


2023 now and im having this issue. Literally decided to pick the game back up after several years and purchase the crusader and necro pack… $35 gone and cant even play

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Turns out their login server is having an issue at the moment and they’re looking into it. Check your ui people there was a notice in it that they’re aware of the issue and are tracking it down.

Of course first we have to bellyache and say bad things because we want to play and can’t get in so the company is now trash. (Sour grapes) All servers crash sometimes and if you’re just a LITTLE bit patient it will be alright.

(rollls eyes)

I was able to resolve this issue by going into my network settings and disabling ethernet (or wifi if you’re wireless) and re-enabling it. Diablo III servers are still busy so it’s not letting me play ATM, but it fixed the bug that grayed out Start Game button.

Happened to me. Uninstalled and reinstalled Diablo 3. Now it’s saying servers are busy. Just gotta ride it out, I guess