Xbox one bone skewer achievement

So I’ve completed the challenge in game I have the award for it, however the Xbox is reading only 92% complete and thus no achievement. Any way I can force it to pop? I’ve made a new necro and done it again but challenge is obviously pre unlocked as it’s account bound so it won’t pop? Please help :frowning:

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We sadly can’t fix an ingame bug like this, you’d be best to report it on the Bug Forums here: Bug Report - Diablo 3 Forums

Because it does sound like the achievement challenge may be bugged.

Hopefully it’s something that can be looked into for a future patch.

Actually, that’s the link for reporting bugs on the PC version of the game.

Consoles have their own Bug Report forum here:


I found a fix for this today -

Go to Xbox settings → System → Storage Devices, and choose clear local saved games.

Go to Xbox settings → General → Network settings, and choose go offline.

Play Diablo 3 with an offline new save, create a necromancer and go to Ruins of Corvus in adventure to complete the Bone Skewer challenge.

Save, exit game, close the game. Go back to network settings and go online. Open the game, and when prompted which save to load, BE SURE to choose the save file from the CLOUD or risk losing your characters. The achievement should pop. Worked for me today, good luck!