Diablo 4 - hack and slash or mmorpg?

Diablo 4 is it hack and slash or MMORPG? what kind of game we want to play?

i wish Diablo 4 to be normal clasic hack and slash nothing more nathing less…
pvp pk and things like that are mmorpg things… real time resp? sory… mmo…
do you realy want imortal mixed with WOW?

sorry not for me…


Why does everyone keep talking about MMORPGs? MMORPG means MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER, and we have a maximum of 12 players for a world boss/event (and 0-2 in the open world), which is fewer than in a CoD deathmatch.

Stop misusing terms and mindlessly repeating what a YouTuber/streamer says. Repeating a foolish statement does not make it true.

These are just multiplayer mechanics. Diablo has been multiplayer since the second game, and Final Fantasy 7 was turn-based not by choice but due to technical constraints. As soon as it became possible, Square abandoned turn-based combat. Perhaps Blizzard would have liked to do the same for Diablo 2, but at that time, it was not technically feasible.

You see, by changing the paradigm, the problem is no longer the same.


There is a difference between allowing people to play with others, and forcing always online, and now in this iteration - always seeing other people and having no choice about it.

I would have preferred ability to co-op at most, and otherwise being able to play on my own PC locally (so getting no pings to distant server interfering with my ability to play).

If they insist on having things like World Bosses that require others and drop mats like Scattered Prisms (required for socketing gear, drops only? mainly? from World Bosses) then just make it so we can choose to join the World Boss event with others, then can happily go back to playing on our own PCs again.


ff7 is excelent game i have pc version on cd :).
d2 was single player i have never playd it in multi since it was reliced. i dont even knew that d2 has this function, even if i do i didnt have internet or others conection to multi.
for me d4 is mmorpg. poor one but mmorpg (i dont ask payed strimers for opinion - they will told you what they payd for). i dont care 2-12-22 or 222 players multi is multi… it is more then 1. i dont nead it in hack and slash. if i want to play with friend i will ask them to play. or some strangers… it is easy…


The issue is that you forgot at some point that you were a customer, and that Blizzard doesn’t make the game for you. Blizzard or any other company provides a product, whether it suits you or not, they don’t offer custom-made products.

Blizzard is making a game for 2023, and in 2023, the majority of customers like to play with other players and enjoy multiplayer features. Blizzard is a huge company, not 10 friends in a garage making a niche game.

Personally, I found Diablo 2/3 to be boring for one and too arcade-like for the other, and you know what? I didn’t buy them, and I didn’t play them! I didn’t send letters to Blizzard asking them to make the game the way I wanted it to please me.


It isn’t actually true that players prefer multiplayer games with multiplayer features, it’s just that you are aware of the numbers of people playing a multiplayer game more easily due to statistics being available. Because people -have- to be playing online in a MP game and can’t be invisible in offline mode.

On top of that most multiplayer games include bots as part of their statistics of “players” playing game. Bots are not people. Some MP games are utterly infested with bots basically being the majority.

The numbers of people quietly playing singleplayer games would easily overshadow the numbers of players in MP games, if anyone was able to accurately gather those numbers. Even just looking at numbers say on Steam where most people are playing singleplayer games offline (and so aren’t showing up as playing the game), you can see this.


im a costumer and blizzard is doing things for me. im paying for a product and i fill cheated right naw. i was promesed hack and slash (not mmorpg). i was promesed single player game with multi player zone and i was told i will be able to play all the f… game solo meating people in citys and some multi aerias but most of the game i will be able to play solo or in selected party. i have diablo4 for over 3 months naw. i have payed for it 100euro. fore same mony i might have 3-5 other games . dont tell me i’m for them. ther product is for me. and it if sth terible.

i wish D3 have 10 acts. i will pay for it. i will buy others characters. or alternative grapfics dark solution (some people might prefer pink one) :slight_smile: word boses might have bean like a weakly / dayli quest :slight_smile: single or multi:)
there are meny things they might do… new equepment :slight_smile: new kund of quest ( 10 quest pack and 2-3 difrend alternative solution :slight_smile: quest to open extra dangeon single time or permanent :slight_smile: quest only in multiplayers for 2-4 players 4-8 players and 9-12 players (klans will be more importent) alternative sets (blue one weapon + shield (mojo or sth…) aditional items herbs tatoos run (it might be on skin 1 time only or on wings )… alternative form og legendary items that boost sets statistics … eq for pets and aditional abylitis for them ather then collecting gold… crystal for parts recognision … for picking up legendary item. … and series of quest for it.
dangones with death peneloty diferend then eq damege… with chans of loosing eq or debuf for some period of play time…
items for armor and weapons upgrade… (pernament or add/remove abylity)
silver personalized eq for kompanions :slight_smile: with quests
slot for fighting pet (quests dongeon or drops) they might have grades and with grade some extra ability 1-2 diferend skils , equpment slots 1-3, mount animal in open aeria :slight_smile: ther are ment things blizzard cen add to D3. pipol will buy it. 28 seson is amazing :slight_smile: the best i have ewer playd :slight_smile: d3 is much much better then d4 and have grate potential…

ok sorry for spam.

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It actually is exactly the way you said they promised you. You only are “forced” in the open world areas and hubs to see a few other people.

The shared world, world bosses etc. were shown and advertised the whole time. Those features were some of the first that they talked about.

You pre-ordered and complaint that things are just the way they said they will be.
If you dont like it, refund your purchase and go on.

There was no false advertising at all.

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I will only say that i loved this game but once i finished the prologue i felt it was closer to Guild Wars 2 than a Diablo game. Now, this is not a bad thing for the ones of us that like mmos, after all, GW2 is a great game.

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I dont see any similarities to GW2…
Thats the least fitting comparison i saw so far.

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refund your purchase? what next… money will returned to battelnet acoun (prepayd card) and it will stay ther… i have no game to buy on battlenet i have all game i neded to have… and 100euro will be ther forever? since d5? 10-20 yers? i might not live long enought to use it…

world bosses might be dayly or weakli quests in multi…

i was fighting real word bosses :slight_smile: in Lineage 2 ther ware battels 2k people fiting each other to enter antaras/valakas layer real boss fight real PVP in real MMORPG :slight_smile:

no thx.

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No you get your money back. What are you talking?
Please just refund and get over it. This is embarassing to read…

Because you’re in a shared world with other players that you’ve not invited to a game.

What does this have to do with streamers? Everyone knows MMO is a broad stroke term used to describe games like this. I could be playing an MMO like WoW and have less than 12 people in my local world, you’re arguing semantics needlessly.

Diablo has been multiplayer since Diablo 1, I used to play it online all the time. The difference is they were single player games where you could do Co-Op. D3 was also like that, single player with the option to do Co-Op. D4 is an always online, always multiplayer world with players always around you, like an MMO.

Blizzard doesn’t call it an MMO, it isn’t officially an “MMO”, but people using that term to describe it aren’t wrong, the term is quite flexible.

The very idea of having a world boss event balanced around 12 people is very much like an MMO, there is no option to do this single player or even co-op, it’s a large scale event like a raid in the open world and you don’t get to choose who you play with.

D4 is a player farming MMO

Diablo 4 is dlc for diablo immortal with que simulator…


The game clearly is more like an mmorpg then hack and slash, your comment focus on the number of players comparing it to a cod deathmatch is so dumb, it really triggers me

Yeah I thought it wouldn’t bother me since I use to play GW2 and ESO, but it kinda destroys the enjoyment taking on a bunch of mobs to only have someone else come in and take them out. Or reach an area to have enemies already killed. Not a fan of the MMO-lite feature at all.


Most of us like the MMO aspect, personally I will never understand how can you enjoy single-player as we are not forced by that anymore.
Most of us also hate doing quests and so on so the actual events are a blessing.

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look like Lost Ark …i dont like korean hack and slash mmorg :confused:

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It’s a reskinned Lost Ark, nothing else. Enjoy gathering herbs, doing daily quests, worldbosses with fixed timers, upgrading boring items etc.

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