Game is complety death?

On twitch it on to 850 players like so sad the big streamers killd this game pff what a time to realse games


Blizzard killed it, not big streamers.


Is a little boring, i love the campaign and whole map but i never reached lvl 100.


Yes it is.This game is a SCAM Game…Not Worthit to buy or to play.
Many F2p are much better.


True. And for simple fix take them half year. Look at gems.
they decide to use bugfixes as feature on seasons. So soon we will get patch every 3 months yay.


its first about the campaign, that was nice, ok end game is not the best i have seen but give them time. It will be a good game within a year i hope.

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Yeah the game is dead, I played diablo 3 for years nonstop and with D4 I quit 2 weeks into season 1.

On twitch it now has barely 500 viewers and the game itself has no players in it, the only time you will see 1-2 other players is on a world boss in WT4.


They gave a false name to this game. It should have been Diablo Immortal II instead of Diablo IV


It is under Diablo 3. Not even in top 20 streamed games.


So sad because the fundation is nice


It was greed that killed it, not the streamers.
Im not even lvl 50 and i have decided the game is not worth my time and energy.
the game is boring after act 2, and the grind is insane.
Boss fights are boring, world bosses are both boring and hard.

Thats what i got for 70€, on top of that they use greedy battle passes that only fit into free 2 play games. And defo not in a 70€ game.

But sure, they got a lot of money out of me, but this is also the last time, both me and my wallet are done with blizzard and activision.


They will try to rush out an expansion in roughly a year, probably for a 30-40 euro price tag
trying to milk this cow as much as they can untill PoE2 comes out cuz it will make D4 non existant, so dont get your hopes up high peeps everyone tought D4 would be special, but in the end it wasnt blizzard trolled us real good i wont fall for it again for sure, not buying the xpansions…


Only stupid people did that
we that actually followed creation of this game knew what is gonna happen
it’s always the BLIZZARD HYPE US crowd that cries how something is dead
people claim wow to be dead since TBC was released
here we are
and just saying i don’t like d4 at all because it is boring
but god damn the LOGIC from people that comment on this forum is non existant
like dude thinks that if game has low twitch views it’s a dead game
what is next? you gonna told me that if asmon is not playing certain games those games by default shouldn’t be released?

Starcraft 2: 2700+ people
D2R : 162 people watching it right now
W3 :295 people
d4 : 690+
d3: 59

Game doesn’t need to be on twitch to be succesful
Twitch dead games means only that there is nothing interesting to watch…

However…twitch can say what is currently hype for :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s obvious number of viewers will droping with time. In game will stay only devoted players. What doesn’t change fact it’s nothing to do and farm is incredible boring.

Ye its true twitch viewership doesn’t reflect a game’s succes, however blizz already putting the game on sale does say something :smiley: they are getting desperate from my pov
As for what i said about being special the game looked promising after the betas and here we are its not even the end of s1 and the game is already non relevant


I am not streamer and I stopped playing. I played D1, D2, D3(4000hours), D2R, and got bored with D4 in 1 month… I played much more D2R. D4 is indeed a fail.


The game is a slog.

It takes FAR too long to level. There is zero chance I’m going through this grind every 3 months when a new season drops. I guess the devs feel they have to draw the process out, so you’ll keep playing constantly the entire season, complete the battle pass, and pay to unlock those SWEET cosmetics in the in game shop (lol). If I wanted to put this kind of time and dedication into a video game character, I’d just go play an MMO.

99.9% of loot is complete and utter useless garbage. There is no excitement at all when you get drops. This is a problem, when destroying monsters for awesome loot is pretty much the entire purpose of playing a game in this genre. “Hmm which of the 200 incredibly specific, incredibly useless affixes did I get this time?” Oh well, time to port back to town, meander in a weird zig-zag pattern along the inconveniently designed roads from the waypoint to the blacksmith…that were designed to also waste your time. Seriously, even just traveling to vendors in town is a chore. Why is it like this?

The art and dark vibe are the only good things about this game. Campaign itself was alright too.


Diablo is allso a series that has huge cycles that follows the release and end of a season.

In end of july, there was 0-5 that streamed D3, not becouse D3 is bad or dead, but becouse everyone had completed S28 and had nothing to do, so no reason to play.
It will be intresting to watch the stream history for D3 next year as S29 (released this week) is the last season for D3.

well D3… just tried the challange rift and oh my … did they really want me to uninstall D3. these days i dont have a singel blizzard game installed.

i follow the streamers only to find out new announcements (like the price of the expac in the end of 2023 around 80-90 usd), the launch of d5 in 2025 and the new exploits/hacks they show!