How did this happen?

D4 is fighting against D2 and D3 on twitch for number of viewers
Wow classic hardcore is more appealing than dragonflight
Overwatch should never have had a “2” in the name , still waititng for PVE.

Who lead the company to this point?
Serious question, how did the quality, the depth and the fun got away so far?
Classic blizzard titles still holds up.New ones…i guess some do but most don’t. Easy exemple : W3 reforged? how did you mess that up?


This doesn’t prove that game is dead or bad…
it’s just show you what people follow on twitch twitch is not a whole world gaming community.
BTW don’t forget to come here on friday 7PM when d3 releases new season
and say to us that D3 is better because now it has more views then D4 and POE

Human Generation change, that is what happend.

It is gen Z that makes games nowadays, not millennials or gen X.

But it’s not next Friday, it’s today, and today has nothing special going on so the use of the figure to demonstrate that the D4 is dead is sound.

I’ve even heard of people soloing the world bosses, that is shocking.

What people follow on twitch, is a really good indicator on how popular the games is.


Nothing new for the streamers to show so there are no viewers.

noting will change until some serious content updates are thrown at this game.

once your level 80 your stuck at repeating NM dungeons which can get boring really quick while the rest of the stuff yields too small rewards to even bother with.

i hope before the season ends to enjoy some pvp which also feels like you have to be level 100 to participate in and that road from 80 to 100 takes ages for casual players with basically only one method to gain xp , NM dungeons.

builds also have an issue, changing a build requires a change to the paragon boards so you basically have to create more than one variant of each class if you wish to enjoy build variety without having to go through the paragon board mess and you have to level it up to a 100 all over again while by the end of the season all of that time invested in your character goes to trash since it thrown to the eternal realm , i really hope to see some changes done with that .

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They kill diablo :frowning: i uninstal this crap this is sooo stupid i dont see what is going on screen
like speedfarming hole time and items suck when u get T4 gear up on 50 or 60 lvl u got same gear on 100 and when u own alll on 60 lvl u geting kill by skeletons on 100 sooo stupid btw BLIZZARD NORTH make Diablo NOT blizzard ACTIVISION suck dump trash triple AAA+ studio


Not enough content patches fast enough.


They killed alts which killed the game for most people. Alts give the game replayability and extend the time people play, so what do they do? They kill powerlevelling thinking it would make us spend more time levelling alts. The flip side was that most people just went no thanks, not going through all of that again.

Many other QoL issues, pace of play, boring itemisation etc. I am sure they will eventually fix it all and will come back when they do. There are a ton of other good games out there.



they should ditch this ethereal thing and give us an option to reincarnate lvl 100 characters with some penalty to level drop it to 75 or something each season and maybe even keep the items on the character without the stash.

that would be cool.

bobby kotick

now go google how much he makes a year

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They have made their billion in the first couple of months and seen a return on the initial investment. That’s pretty much it.

Standards do not seem to be a priority anymore, quality and replayability are not an investers interest.

Diablo 4 is too shallow to be anything really now, most players have lost thier interest.

Look at the cost model around this game, (prices are UK, England)

£50 for the base game, plus i paid another £20 for the deluxe upgrade.
Expansions… oh sorry i mean DLC will be £30
Proberly be a character pack thats another potential £25
I have not bought any MTX’s since they are just useless.
Used my battlepass without realising it was a one shot item.
You dont get enough of the stupid crrency to buy anything either, not that i would bother.

Bottom line is, Diablo 4 was a cash grab that tried to emulate the days of games like Baldurs Gate, Diablo 2 LoD and failed, its bloated with useless stats and missing a huge amount of items, runes, uniques, sets, correct itemisation.

I spoke out about this a few weeks back and i was banned for speaking my mind and defending my standards by “whiteknights”

For myself personally, i really dont care what blizzard do with this game, this giant company has started to show a decline in the past few years in regard to thier quality, WoW is on life support and only the really diehard fans are keeping it going, Diablo 4 is a mess, Diablo Immoral is well… “we all own cellphones”

Future wise, im looking forward to Path of Exile 2 with its new characters, dual passive system and intergrated support gem function.

For all those people that enjoy diablo 4… Enjoy it while it lasts, because it wont last long and do not let your standards slip.

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Saying that Diablo 4 like its predecessors could have been a great game with near infinite replayability, a game that might give you entertainment for a decade. It’s quite mad to think some people played Diablo 2/3 for a decade and only paid for the base game and expansion, no?

A WoW Subscription is around £15 per month plus you need to buy expansions. Over the lifetime of that game you’d spend many hundreads for a live service game that kept you entertained for years…

A good deal if you’re kept happy.

If Diablo 4 was always great fun to play I’d happily pay an average of £15 per month for access to a fun and dynamic game. (That includes the price of the battle pass every season and any expansions), I assume it would be less than £15 per month averaged out.

The real issues is that its not a fun or dynamic game.