Offline mode now!

Need an offline mode for this login bullshit ,paid 80 notes and cant even play the thing!


CANDY CRUSH THIS WAY :arrow_right: :arrow_right: :arrow_right: :arrow_right:

He’s right you know.

For all the times I encounter other players…very rarely…Offline mode needs to happen.

The game fails to function if access drops too. It’s a really bad side to this and D3 as well.


Then he should have purchased an Off-line game. I purchase online to do stuff together as a Clan … the gaming world is then full of people :people_holding_hands:

Diablo 4 is unique in that it can cater to both, offline and online.

OP is not asking to remove all online content, OP is asking to have a offline mode, restricted though it may be there is no reason it can’t exist and for the features, gameplay that requires online mode they can be locked up safely.

No one is trying to take anything away from you here.


So why you asking for an offline mode if it caters for both … please explain?

I think what he is trying to say is that it should be simple to play in offline mode, problem being is the game was BUILT on being online, so how events and spawns and various other things are all dealt with Server Sided none of that shit is stored in our clients.

So they would need to build more to it to allow for Offline, but most of what they have should be good for Offline without much tinkering / work.

They should of done what they did for D2R


because it can cater to both, it currently doesn’t.

Lets for the sake of argument assume they did add it.

There would be restrictions on what is available, nightmare dungeons for example, world bosses and so on.
It shouldn’t restrict normal dungeon runs or campaign play.

I wouldn’t advocate for a fully offline version. Like I said I’m not suggesting they take away your stuff.


Not only that - it would be a 1 time and 1 way street. The back-end part of the game is also written for a “Closed Server” architecture environment - converting this to an “Open PC” architecture environment … requiring a complete re-write and new untested code … not to mention Blizz now maintaining two different versions of the game.

Folks who make these statements around off-line seem to have no understanding of a server + client concept. A simple thing like collision detection is done on the server for example :slight_smile: . The client has little more than the graphics and artwork.

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this too, i couldn’t be asked to write it all out, currently melting due to heat xD, but this is pretty much what i ment by saying “so they would need to build more to it, to allow for Offline”

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I’m a developer…I build out features that work in different environments all the time.
I build features that function depending on a clients subscription.
we gave them a configuration file…they get it and the application adjusts accordingly because we built it that way.

I didn’t say it was easy, I’m not suggesting it wouldn’t be a lengthy piece of work either.
I’m saying it can be done.

Some folks who make these statements do know what is involved.

Collision detection isn’t difficult to write, if playerobject intersects with projectileObject then apply damage - mitigation from player defences and shields.
clearly a dumb version but not difficult to do as I’ve done it before.

Your talking like it’s an impossible task, it’s not. I can’t see them doing it for next week but 6 months to a year out depending on resources they could have something.

I am not suggesting that its impossible at all - it is entirely possible - but the time and cost to reengineer that into a live game it isn’t going to happen. Most peoples post (incl OP) suggest that all they need to do is turn off their wifi :slight_smile: Not to mention this would be subject to full business case to support the extra investment and profit projections … it would probably be in accounts and investment committee for 6 months alone :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess hackers who are DDosing Blizzrd online service know this very well. If Blizzard service is attacked and they dont have proper defenses agains that, then most Blizz game will have issues. If its that easy to take down or hinder one of the biggest gaming company service then i dont blame hackers trying it. Blizzard learned lesson in EU, invest into proper team and tools they need to avoid this.

Oh lord no, it would take months of work to get it to an offline state.

figuring out what can be included and what to leave out for online only and so on.
replicating any behaviour that is handled by back end that would be needed by the offline version.

Some could be done in stages though trialled while the game is live.

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To Deal with DDoS attacks isnt just a “Do this and Add this and it will stop it” fix
to deal with a DDOS attack you have to reroute traffic through firewalls or add device firewalls to block attacks. Then apply stronger rate limits to firewalls, servers, and other resources protecting and servicing the router or server.

Then to add or strengthen network security products, network intrusion detection systems (IDS), and intrusion prevention systems (IPS), but these systems are like our bodies immune system, it can defend against something if it knows what it looks like or where it comes from. So when someone finds a way around it to mask it etc or w/e else they need to do, then those attacks will start to get through and they have too once again do everything and learn the new attacks.


TBH - I don’t know for sure but most of the server farms will be standardized around set configurations to help maintain, setup, staff training and max purchasing power etc … thus D4 will be running on very very similar stuff to WOW etc … including the security infrastructure.

Yeah - total agree. I should of probably of added that they have most likely made 90%+ of all the profits they expect to make out of D4 until the next paid expansion with circa $700million sales … future service costs strategy , investment and income streams will be in a completely lower league. Even the players currently leaving they will have made 90% of all the money they will ever make from these folks.

Taking an extreme and hypothetical scenario, if D4 closed down today they will have made as much profits now when compared to any extra they can potentially make with another 2 years of service provision. seasons, battle passes etc … tbh if the game needs a lot of work doing to it in the next year then they may even be making losses for this period.

TBH… i would love a offline mode, but one where you could NEVER use your character from offline mode in Online mode and so on. This is imperative to avoid cheaters.

Indeed, why not give the ability to create an offline character that will never be able to play online. Divide characters into online and local.

We all cud played offline now until servers where fixed.
But noooo!
We all have internet they say!!!
No more cheaters in online they say!
cuse we like the pay allot of money and be limited great tinking

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