[Playstation] Cinematic and settings appear on every boot

Everytime i open the game after the Latest update(1.3.3 5th Mar 2024) the three settings pages show and the cinematic plays, this means i have to redo my settings every time i open the game, with the only things that are persistent being the Keybinds.
If this were on PC then i could check the similar topics and make sure my folders and files in documents are accessible, But on Playstation i can’t do anything like that.
I have already tried reinstalling the game and deleting my settings file wont be possible as my ps5 doesnt show any save data for Diablo at all, since it is a client-server game.(I would still expect a “save file” to contain settings, but it is not there)
While i am at it, the empty “Performance” header under the “Graphics” settings is annoying, why is there a header for settings that do not exist on Console?


Same problem here… After the patch, not only the cinematic, the game speak every word that appears at the screen. Even though I deactivate it, every time I start the game again every line speaks again. I hope Blizz fix this issue soon…

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Having the same exact problem (PS5).

I’m having the same issue. It is VERY annoying. Blizzard, fix it ASAP, please!

There are multiple topics about this same issue. Please search before you post.

Patch 1.3.3a has resolved this issue

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