RIP my RTX 3080 Ti

No problem so far running a EVGA RTX 3070 TI ultra, 64 gb ddr5, Intel 12th generation i7, MSI carbon motherboard

3050ti here and havent closed out of game since launch except for disconnects to which i restarted and sat in que for about 15-20 min and leaving idol in town while i slept and no issues at all…

Same but I have 3060 ti , I just played 12 hours straight and I’m still waiting to crash to go sleep…

I went and did some measuring just out of curiosity that people claiming that their GPUs fried of overheat/powerdraw etc.

Running GameRock 3080 TI OC with i7-8700K and 750W power supply
GPU driver 528.02
Config was everything ultra, 1440p, DLSS OFF, fps cap 150

CPU utilization peak at 80% average about 60%

GPU utilization peak around 60% and average 45%
GPU temp max 61 celsius after 60 minutes of play

FPS was 120 average ± 20. Not even close to 150 and not close to 100% either

Whole computer maximum powerdraw from wall was 452 W so not even close to limit.

In normal play exluding glitches etc it’s very unlikely to overheat and fry your system.
But it only takes one bad endless loop in edge case to fry your stuff without safeguards so.

But it’s not the games fault Nvidia let’s these issues cause your system harm… CPUs bluescreen when they overdrive, what nvidia and amd has done lately is just puff out some smoke…

I have the same card as well and havnt had the issue either

I just want to chime in:

The game is crashing constantly on my Gigabyte 3080ti Gaming OC. Due to a driver set cap of 143 fps and a in-game set cap of 142 fps, good cooling (O11 Dynamic packed with fans) and slight undervolt via MSI Afterburner the GPU is still working but beacause of the crashes barely enjoyable.
No problems so far on a second PC with a RTX A2000.

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On mine liquid cooling set 50°. Highest I have ever seen. Definitely high usage of cpu and gpu.

Chiming in here on yet another thread for this. I had a similar experience with my 4080 but luckily it didn’t fry but I heard the fans, looked at my numbers and immediately smelt something so forced shutdown. For some reason something wiped my streamdeck clean and reset it back up then went into the beta the next day and turned eveything to medium just to be safe. Still intensive but functional afterwards.

Very scary experience and what’s even more disgusting is the user’s who aren’t facing the issue saying it’s not a problem. That’s great you’re not having it or how your 1060ti on low settings aren’t facing issues, cool story bro now go tell it to someone who cares. It’s no different than the psu connections burning, very small scale of affected users but it was happening.

For those that missed it, there was a blue post on another thread saying that they recommend contacting the manufacturer of your card. I have seen the overwhelming number of Giga cards that have been affected but not soley. My card is Asus Strix 4080OC but luckily not fried but my heart goes out to the unlucky ones who lost theirs.

I’m not saying what caused the issue as I had very little time to react but this has never happened or even come close in my history of gaming. Closest was overclocking too much and wouldn’t post. All we know at this time, it all happened while playing this beta. So if running all other games on Max 4k with no issues or high fan speeds or temp, pretty safe to say the game was involved to SOME degree.

End rant.


My guess? Your fan curve is set to kick in at too high of a temp for your vram. At a core temp of 40-50°C DDR6X can still be hitting 110°C. For some reason, NVidia doesnt allow setting fan curve based on vram temp. Thats a GPU issue, not a game issue

My pc has crashed twice and i have a 3080. And i have only had it for 3 months.

Intel i5, ASUS RTX 3060, 64Gb of ram and a modular 650W Corsair PSU here, played almost 18 hours, cleared Act I, reached level 25 and killed the world boss twice without any issue.

No overheating, no uncontrolled fans speed and nothing burned. Got a single issue while loading a dungeon while the system was not responding for few seconds.

A game/software cannot burn your hardware, because you should have 100% users with dead GPU at the same cutscene, but this seems an issue related to Gigabyte manufacturing the 3080Ti with poor quality components or bad QS.
Also consider that OC models could have overridden the safety limits to push the performance, burning your GPU.

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Good grief, this hurts my heart to hear this. It’s truly a bummer to hear your card is dead. You should remember though, this is a beta. This is what testing is for. The developers need to optimize the game more clearly, but you cant hold them accountable for your card not being able to handle the higher usage. You also cant hold them accountable for the card’s safety protocols failing. That’s on the manufacturer. These cards are fairly new and should still be covered under warranty. Contact them instead for trying to blame the game and hoping (naively) they will tale care of you. From what I’m reading, Gigabyte cards are the one most effected by this, so it is definitely something on their end.

Tldr: It sucks your card died, don’t blame the beta, blame the manufacturer and get them to replace the malfunctioning card.

Are you so much of an Nvidia slave you cannot add 2 and 2 together or whats going on here?

Graphically intensive games like Diablo IV


Lmao D4 is graphically intensive?

The game can and will brick a card. It’s ridiculous to argue that a card should be able to handle being dragged through unlimited FPS just because most cards would be able to handle it. There’s no situation under which Blizzard escapes fault for bad programming.

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Your vehicle analogy does not follow. The highway isn’t providing input to the vehicle like a game is to a GPU. A much closer analogy is that the game is the driver and the vehicle is the GPU.

A vast majority of vehicles can safely drive at higher than normal highway speeds. Many vehicles can even tolerate the stresses of track use. Now imagine you’ve got some idiot banging off redline for 10 minutes straight in a Walmart parking lot, then blowing up the engine. Do we blame the vehicle or the driver? D4 is the parking lot driver.


my temps have been completely fine on 4080

If it was the cut scene in the chalpel booth me and my friend got DC at the same place.

I know this is a PC conversation, but my Xbox series X had a similar problem. There was a cut scene and my TV (LG C2) went black. Then it showed no input on this HDMI. I shut down the Xbox and TV, reset, and it all came back up. I was worried about it killing either of them.

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Same card, haven’t played D4 on it yet, I rely on it for too much for video editing - my profession… New fear unlocked though :wink: think I’ll stick to ps5 for this one.