Serious lag and rubber banding today

Tried playing this morning and have to had to give up as I basically cannot even run out of town with out run in spot then teleport back to where I started then way out of town. Log out log in all good for maybe 3 mins then same again. Was fine from 06:00 GMT till 07:00 but since 09:30 no joy


I just tried to play for the first time this new season and… bam! Can’t, insane rubber banding.

I bet there’s no announcement about this due to embarassment sadly :frowning:


Yep same problem here.They cant get good Servers its like in WoW when you have 40 Players in one spot xD

In the connect tab on options, disable any options regarding crossplay , this will solve lag spikes / lag in city’s. I went from 1500-2500 latency to 30-60.


sadly this is already off , and i still get the insane rubberbanding everywhere


Same. I thought giving this another try today. Indie company guys. You’re done Blizzard. ggnore


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Srsly what the f is wrong with u Blizzard?!
You couldn’t f-up more even if you tried… could you please, for the love of god, get your shit together and atleast try to make an effort.
You have had 10 years, multiple pre-releases, eternal and one season and still you can’t figure it out.


Same here 1.5 sec latency ingame, unplayable


The rubber Banding is unbearable.
for a length what would take about 3 seconds, now takes over a Minute.

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Also enormous laggy here, did already turned al crossplay options off. seems to be most frequent in the cities. cant even exit my game in the cities.

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I just got 5 mins out of a town, rubberbanding all the way. Thought “hey, once i’m out in the world it should sort itself out.” The game said “nop” and ported me back to the town… what the actual F***!


The funny thing is that the Beta was way more playable than the current state…just got d/c …again…

“your character has not finished being saved by their current game …(err 395002)”


Same here, lagging makes the game unplayable…


I haven’t had performance issues until the big patch. I’m rubber banding and it’s unplayable. Updated my drivers for my 3080, ran internet speed tests, turned off cross play… all the things people say to do. It’s something server side for sure.

Any chance someone from Blizzard can comment on this or let us know it’s at least an issue and being looked into?


From what i’ve expeeriences with rubbre banding in season 2, its when I teleport back to town from the seasonal area, and it happens rareely but ive had it a few times and its like it puts me on a US server insteead of Eu the lag is that bad. I am so done with diablo now, the fact they havent sorted out these ms/lag issues, a company of this size with this money, it is truly pathetic

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Glad i’m not the only one with lag problem.

to be more specific with the lag from today, its still mostly cities and after teleporting towards or from a city. and the new blood harvest area seems to be the laggiest for me.

anyone else can confirm this?

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I’m having the same issues, the more people in a city the higher my latency, can’t get out of town, and when I do I just get ported back. but when I go from world tier 4 to 3 latency is much better, its annoying, I guess this issue will be solved in 2 to 3 seasons time?

I’m experiencing the exact same issues – dying multiple times in the blood harvest areas because of unpredictable major lag spikes. I’m hopeful that these issues will be resolved with upcoming patches in the days to come.

it’s amazing how much blizzard cares about its players. Diablo 4 was definitely the last game I bought from this small indie company